Feb 202017

I propose we stop using the term “climate denial” and “denialist” as these two terms fail to convey what climate denial really means.

We should use the term “extinctionist” to properly describe what it really means to pretend climate change isn’t real, isn’t happening and won’t have any effects.


On the one hand it is sobering. By 2050, climate change has put the world and its inhabitants under incredible stress. Rising sea levels have inundated many coastal cities, including Dubai; water and food scarcity have created hundreds of millions of climate refugees. These outcomes are not presented as a threat, but a certainty.
Dubai’s bid to cash in on climate change

This is almost hilarious. While admitting to hundreds of millions of climate refugees, Dubai – one of the most energy intensive and wasteful cities of all, wants to “cash in”. Their “verticle indoor farms” are insane. Not only will they not produce enough food or calories, the cost will be ridiculous.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Reimagining Climate Change solutions actually all work. Who will be able to afford these niceties? The hundreds of millions of displaced refugees? With what? Dubai is hoping to use its immense wealth to help itself, and its investors – make no mistake about it.

This is why the LIFE project makes more sense.

Feb 162017

I’ve issued an alert to whoever will find this and take the time to read it: Climate Change Will Devastate Civilization

Every day, I’m trying to digest more and more articles on climate change, sea level rise and environmental collapse. I can’t keep up. It’s usually about 50 – 70 articles a day pouring in. If ever there was a time to start screaming and sounding the alarm bells, it’s right now.

Many of them are not unique in their content and information, but some of them really are and these are the ones I’m paying the most attention to because they reveal breaking news, science and data.

Readers will already know that I’m not requiring any “convincing”, having long ago determined the trajectory of this course civilization has taken. I’m not even focusing on the question of “when” anymore, or at least, not much. I’m much more interested now in what can be done, if anything, to preserve what is left. What I’ve noted from the literature is that there is scant little consideration to this idea. It’s as if it hasn’t even really occurred to enough people, particularly scientist and researchers and especially journalist and authors.

This isn’t surprising however, but it is an indication of just how far ahead of the pack I’m running. Humanity really needs to start focusing on this question as soon as possible. For now, the main focus seems to be on just reporting what’s unfolding. It’s not enough. Massive efforts need to be launched to preserve what is left and reducing what we demand. The “less is more” meme that I’ve long advocated.

Share the link above if you can. We need billions more people taking an interest in their own future – as soon as possible.


Jan 242017


What We Know About Climate Change: Professor Kerry Emanuel –  The basic causes of climate change (orbital and chemical), the history of understanding climate change, likely temperature scenarios, the effect of clouds and other uncertainties.
Climate Change as a Perfect Storm: Prof Alden Griffith –  video showing human caused, projections
Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback
Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science
No Carbon Budget
Future Sea Level Rise

Recent Ocean Warming has been underestimated – NOAA’s data adjustments

LINKS (articles)

Bill Nye on climate deniers: Academics For Hire Exposed – Academics-for-hire agree not to disclose fossil fuel funding
NASA 97% Scientific Consensus Warming Is Human Caused – Multiple sources cited.
The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher
Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming
NASA study sheds new insights into global warming trends – no hiatus, missing heat into oceans, still warming up
Factcheck: Mail on Sunday’s ‘astonishing evidence’ about global temperature rise – Setting the real record straight on NOAA’s ‘data adjustments’
New analysis shows Lamar Smith’s accusations on climate data are wrong
Did NOAA Scientists Manipulate Climate Change Data? – Nope, just more b.s. from the connedspiracy crowd.
Did the Daily Mail Accurately Report Climate Data Manipulation? – Horribly poor journalism tries to deceive illiterate readers.
Dr. Bates Interoffice Spat Backfires – The real story on Dr. Bates and his “bad blood” retaliation against NOAA.

REPORTS (science, research, analysis)

Daily CO2 – Daily C02 readings
Arctic Temperatures Daily Mean Temperatures – Current analysis and conditions in the Arctic
‘Beyond the extreme’: Scientists marvel at ‘increasingly non-natural’ Arctic warmth
Skeptical Science, with victim, method, motive, and the “smoking gun” that places CO2 at the scene of the crime
Human domination of the biosphere: Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind (alternate link)
Co2 levels in the past, the current rate of increase, and likely future temperatures
Quantifying global soil carbon losses in response to warming  Soils emitting massive levels of carbon into the atmosphere
Abrupt Climate Change: there’s strength in the science – Rapid climate change, escalating warming
Can We Turn Back the Deserts In an Age of Climate Change?
MIT Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change – 7 Focus Areas
More Carbon Negatively Affects Food Nutrition & Crop Yields
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Climate Change
Implications for US National Security of Anticipated Climate Change – Office of the Director of National Security
Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States – NOAA Technical Report, January 2017
Canadian Glaciers Now Major Contributer To Sea Level Rise
Ocean oxygen levels drop 2% in 50 years, Nature study finds

ARGUMENTS (links to relevant commentary and arguments on climate change)

Volcanic eruption in 1815 – small changes in climate have disastrous global result – Result was massive crop failures, food shortages and famine, 50% increase in mortality.
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion
The Incredible Shrinking Nuclear Offset to Climate Change – The high likelihood that nuclear energy will only play a tiny role in offsetting climate change.
Global geoengineering rulebook could be ready by 2020s – Minimum of 3C is still expected, geoengineering may be the only hope left.

Jan 232017

The following is a pdf document with images of present and projected water stress (1 page). I can’t post this all here, it simply won’t fit.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking at this. At first glance, it appears that the colors indicate less stress in 2025, however that is not true. The second map is how much worse water stress will be increased from the present stress levels, which is already bad for many parts of the United States.

High levels of water stress indicate that socioeconomic demand for freshwater approaches (or exceeds) the annual renewable supply.

For the United States and much of the crop producing regions of the world, water stress is already very bad (yellow, orange and red). It is also projected to significantly increase in severity and size (severely to extremely “more stressed”). Interestingly, mid-latitude locations are hardest hit.

It’s all inaccurate, because it is based upon the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (dated info). Water stress has already increased in some regions beyond this.

For large countries (e.g. China, India, Russia, United States, etc.) aggregation of stress at the nation-state level would mask the risk of social disruption at local levels.

What they’re telling us is the actual effects of water stress will be hidden in the images, but still there and still experienced, so large countries like the United States, China, Russia, Africa will still experience all kinds of social disruptions “at local levels” (regional and local effects from water stress).

So despite being dated information, it’s something that can be still used to project how blog readers might find their countries impacted. It reveals globally worsening conditions from an already bad situation for most of us.

Here’s what has been happening with insurance losses worldwide:

Source: Munich Re. (a) ‘Loss event’ refers to the risk that a single event, or series of events, leads to a significant deviation in actual claims from the total expected claims, usually over a short period of time (often 72 hours). (b) Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic activity. (c) Tropical storm, convective storm, local storm. (d) Flood, mass movement. (e) Extreme temperature, drought, forest fire.

Water (d, blue) shows extreme growth in insurance losses, as does storm activity (c, green).

Where you live and how “at risk” you are to water stress, excess water, too little water is clearly something to think about. We all are, actually, no matter where you live because water is essential for life and for food production. The above pdf link depicts future food shortages no doubt, the increasing water stress is right smack-dab where the world produces most of its food.

Los Angeles is reporting new records for daily rainfall (almost 4″ in a single day) in a region that is generally very dry, with associated damage, deaths and human suffering. Extreme weather is increasing, making planning for future human habitation problematic, but I can safely say this to help with anybody considering relocation – pick higher ground so that gravity works for you, not against you as these extreme water events accelerate.

I live on a small ridge, it would take a biblical flood to reach my house, but the roads would wash away, and quite a few people would lose their homes if we got 4″ of rain in one day.

I know it’s coming.

Update – from https://phys.org/news/2017-01-professors-issue-climate-trump-administration.html

“Also, among the countries most affected by this is the USA and the continent most affected is Asia, where many US multinationals have manufacturing. This makes climate change a huge US issue, especially economically.

My analysis of the impact of disasters can be summarised as the following:

  1. Analysing the period 1965-2015, nearly all of the cumulative property damage and the most number of people affected by natural disasters were caused by floods, droughts, storms and earthquakes. Of these, the first three (and some other disaster types such as extreme heat) are climate-related.
  2. If we look at the cumulative property damage for more recent years, 2000-2015, the country with the highest damage is the USA. While China, India and Bangladesh lead in the cumulative total of people affected by natural disasters, the USA is close behind these ‘leaders’. Furthermore, while Asia as a continent, is far ahead of other continents when it comes to the total number of people affected (2000-2015), North America is not far behind in property damage and will likely exceed other continents in the years to come based on trends.
  3. The trend of property damage (1965-2015) due to climate-related natural disasters, such as floods and storms, shows growth of about $25 billion per decade. In comparison, for non-climate-related disasters such as earthquakes, the figure is less than $10 billion per decade. The contrast is sharper for the total number of people affected globally: the growth is about 40 million more people per decade due to climate-related disasters compared to a negligible increase in the number of people affected by non-climate-related disasters. The trends are more pronounced for Asia and North America – the former for the number of people affected and the latter for property damage, so North America stands to be the ‘leader’ in property damage due to climate-related disasters in the coming years.

This analysis only ‘correlates’ the impact of climate-related disasters as well as non-climate ones but in recently published research, I have provided empirical evidence that disasters and the economy are related in a vicious cycle.

So if disasters are primarily becoming climate-related, the incoming US administration should take heed that the economy, especially that of the US will suffer greatly if climate change is not reversed or at least slowed.”

Jan 202017

This is actually ‘old’ news (it’s been underway for a few months) – Scientists race to save U.S. government climate data from Trump

I tried – and failed – to post an anonymous reply on Desdemona. That damned “character” count bullshit used by Blogger does not work right and never has. Any reply that contains more then one link, or has any embedded html formatting for emphasis gets reported as being “too long”. You have to take an axe to your post to get it to pass the character count.

Blogger SUCKS and like Facebook, Reddit, Disqus and every other social platform, it “owns” the blog posts and comments, runs whatever ads they want, tracks your history, profiles, bookmarks and Net activity and so forth. I’m bringing all this up because as you will see below, I’m going private.

So this is the reply to the article linked above that nobody else is going to get to see:

Any “scientist” worth a damn would be speaking out anyway (job be damned). A good analogy of this is when a building inspector walks into a theater full of people in a different state where he has no license or authority, but he notices that the place is about to fall down, killing everyone inside. Does he sit down and watch the movie – or does he warn the people inside anyway?

Presidents and Ministers can only “muzzle” scientist that CHOOSE to stay muzzled. Nobody can stop them from speaking up. I realize that the article is about their data and preservation efforts, but I also realize that scientists are CHOOSING to stay muzzled because they’re putting careers ahead of critical PUBLIC WARNINGS. And that pisses me off to no end.

I’ve read endless volumes of climate research, reports, stories and assessments. We are still getting the watered-down version of what is unfolding world-wide. There should be a united voice from from all scientists now calling for a global emergency, “muzzling be damned”. From some recent comments here:


Many more available, but you have to read through endless layers of bull to grasp the whole picture and understand its true meaning. Civilization is going to collapse, horribly. The emergency message is however, still not being declared. It’s very doubtful now that scientists will ever find the courage to even bother as they weakly try to preserve their jobs – temporarily.

I do blame them for this failure, policies be damned. They are the only ones qualified to issue the warning, based upon their own research and conclusions. These warnings cannot just come from ‘anybody’, they will not be believed. They already know enough to start screaming the alarm, but are still choosing to save their careers over the public interest.

I now believe that this failure is intentional across the board – that no public warnings will be issued from any quarters. It is perhaps the only way some semblance of control (an illusion of course) will be maintained. The people are on their own. They’ll have to decide for themselves what to do. When the waves lap at their doorsteps, they’ll finally realize they need to move, and so on.

But it’s far, far worse then this. This is not about losing Miami or New York, it is about losing global food production and the resulting global impacts this will cause. We ALL die from
starvation, globally as temperatures destroy our ability to farm and raise crops and we fight among ourselves over what remains. This is already happening in other countries and the effects are escalating. It will happen here within a single human lifetime.

I have now developed a blueprint document for this global emergency – but who do I give it to? Scientists reject their own conclusions, cautioning themselves from becoming “too alarmed”. Politicians are woefully uninformed to the actual science and measurements and too easily persuaded by lobbyists and corporate interests. Corporations are only interested in making tons of money by any means possible. And the public is easily misled with well-honed tactics of distraction and disinformation. It’s already clear – only private interests are going to take an interest of any significance.

It is obvious that humanity is not truly interested in saving itself from its own folly, and that our institutions and experts cannot be bothered either. We are poorly designed as a civilization to save ourselves from our own destructive ways. But I’d be interested in saving some of us from an indifferent humanity, if at all possible.

I have to publish this anonymously. I’ve discovered that trying to work with the public is a real waste of time and effort, so I’ve gone ‘private’ myself.

It is ironic that I have been forced into this non-public position after years of trying to bring attention to this issue. Those of us that understand what is happening are having to protect ourselves from everyone else. I have become just like the scientists who have failed to warn – incapable of drawing too much attention to myself, but the difference is I never deceived anyone or watered the ‘message’ down. It’s been the same message for decades.

In reality, the ‘competition’ for survival has already begun.

It perfectly obvious that we cannot save everyone and we may not even succeed in saving anyone. I am now recruiting only those who will make a sincere effort, but this will never be made public. By sharing this message, my intentions are for others to realize that you are on your own. If you intend to do anything, do it now.

I am not going to make my ‘blueprint’ publicly available. It will not be published here. This blog is only effective in a very limited way for basic information sharing, and it has severe limitations on how participants are selected (similar to my comments above about social networks).

I do not know the future of this blog. It is not my main priority now. In a similar way to the scientists going private, racing to save their data, they’re having to abandon their public exposure (for now). I still believe it is pointless to spend precious time on blogging what we already know is going to happen.

It is not the Trump Administration that concerns me (and there is nothing I could do about this anyway). It is the public that concerns me. The brain-dead morons that will demand ‘salvation’ while doing everything possible to ensure it cannot happen. There will be plenty of fools who will gladly step up to the plate and offer / dictate / demand their breed of ideology, but I personally want absolutely nothing to do with any of that. Climate change is a people problem.

I may realize something that will take a very long time yet to become public knowledge. Even knowing it makes me dangerous to everyone else.

Jan 122017

Climate Change Is the World’s Biggest Risk, in 3 Charts

I think they might have missed at least two huge risks: Abrupt Methane Release and Abrupt Sea Level Rise.

Both of these missing items seems to be fairly misunderstood – or poorly understood. Here is some further reading and speculation on abrupt sea level rise to consider:



I also think that Food Crisis ranks far, far higher (near the very top). No idea how or why they ranked this lower then unemployment, which simply makes no sense at all. Most of the climate change articles I’m reading all reference Food as a huge and significant problem.

Jan 102017

Feature update: A new “edit” feature for commentators (5 minutes allowed to fix your comments).

This is a follow-up post to the “The First Tiny Step Forward” commentary.

Several people here believe that we’ve already lost all opportunity to try to change the inevitable outcome of planetary habitability. Inherent to this belief (whether you realize this or not) is – a) everything possible has been tried and nothing will work and therefore – b) use the time and life we each still have left doing something else (living).  This is the core of the McPherson message by the way – which I steadfastly reject.

I don’t see how this position makes any sense. Point a) is certainly not true and it appears that nobody here is even interested in being a part of any ‘effort’ outside of their own selves anymore. The blog articles here have advocated doing many different things for oneself for many years (prepare, extract, etc.), so I certainly understand this. But this cannot be enough. Not everything has been tried, in fact, appalling little has been tried so far. There is an  assumption (here) that “it’s pointless”. Is it? I don’t think so.

But point b) is of the most interest and relevancy here. We do have some time left (otherwise we’d be dead already). But nobody here wants to spend this time on trying something else and that has not even been fully discussed. As it turns out, nobody here on this blog even wants to have what is the easiest part of all – a  discussion!

That is truly, truly amazing (to me at least), because I never realized how much my own readers have given up. When I consider what is at stake (versus what it’s going to take, a related but different topic), I find you all incredibly wrong because the stakes are simply too high to call defeat this early. That is definitely what McPherson and others are doing. I definitely do not agree with you that have done this, but you have your reasons. I also know that what “try” humans have bothered to do is exceedingly little. To call it quits now, after such a pathetic attempt is just ridiculous.

I do realize we are all on different life-journeys, levels of interest, awareness, finances and so forth. It was wrong of me to think that any of us could lay these aside and try to focus on a ‘try’ that would be greater then our own individual efforts (which I long advocated and heavily emphasized on this blog – but realize is insufficient). I even realize now that is it wrong of me to think that any would want to engage in a discussion about the try, to brain-storm and bounce around best ideas, and whatever research is being done. To do so would, as they say, ‘upset the apple-carts’ we are all pushing around in our individual lives, it might even challenge our own beliefs, paths and life-outcomes. Sorry about that, I just didn’t realize that my desperation for a positive effort towards future habitability was not yours.

It does not matter (to me) that any effort of try is ‘known to succeed’ before trying, if it is known that it can help in some positive way, precisely because nobody can predict every possible outcome with absolute certainty. For this topic, planetary habitability – nobody fully knows if humans were to do many things new, different, vast and/or desperate, if habitability could be somehow salvaged. We do know that our current trajectory appears totally hopeless if you’ve studied the topic as length as several people here have. But we do not know what we do not know.

I have not allowed my cynicism to consume me, quite the contrary. Cynicism has not taken over my desire to try what has not been tried before. To make the attempt. Cynicism has not overtaken my desire to see life continue on this planet. It anything, it has reinforced my desire. Many decades ago, I was like most people seem to be today – indifferent about the environment. Not anymore. But I certainly grew cynical along the way, seeing through many of the lies and deceptions and folly of man. We too are a part of the biosphere – we just happen to be the ones who are ruining it.

I do have some life-experience that others may not have had, that may have an influence on why I insist “try”. I have had to struggle immensely with severe pain, physical disabilities, extreme financial hardship, no support, and some pretty dangerous experiences involving high levels of corruption and even attempts on my life. Those experiences hardened my determination to overcome each of these obstacles. I’m just not one to give up, not after all I’ve been through, and I’ve certainly not tried everything even in my own life yet to conquer each one of these. But even so, I have succeeded in many ways and made fantastic strides forward. These and other experiences have helped define me.

I am younger then most of you too (I think), and still have all of my family. I can’t let go because I can’t give up on them either. They and a few others are the humans that I want to fight for. I have something to fight for – and so do all of you, but you may not want to anymore. I also intend to fight for the other life forms that still exist on this planet. I well realize that Nature does not ‘need us to save her’, but she does need us to stop harming her and we’ve not tried hard enough here either.

This is why I advocate a different ethic and a different civilization then this one – we don’t have to have this one, we could have done things differently and not be in this predicament.

However, I have no idea if we can get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ but that’s irrelevant to me. I’m not giving up. I think giving up is immoral. It’s defeatism and the battle isn’t over. Not by a long shot. We’re still here. Giving up is an abdication of responsibility, even a denial of being truly human. We are the only species that can do the things we need to do, we have the capacity to try but some no longer possess the will. It’s been bled out along the way. But my heart still beats.

I learned way back, many lifetimes ago that everyone needs two things when making any kind of effort; the right audience, and the right timing, especially when delivering ideas. I think I’ve run ahead of all of you to be honest, many of you are way smarter then me and have far more education, but even so, I’ve left you behind with my own philosophy, goals and desires for this life. We’re on different paths. Your ‘try’ is behind some of you. Mine is still ahead.

I’ve hesitated to even write this post for fear that I’d be misunderstood once again. But I realize that this is not an audience that wants to try. That’s probably my fault – it’s the kind of audience that I encouraged and attracted. I also know that I’m not the right audience either – for your ideas to give up and just go live life. And the timing is all wrong for all of us. Many of you are at very different stages in life then I am. It’s not reasonable for any of us to expect much from the other.

So I’m going to move my own efforts into a new direction. I’ve never thought blogging was worth much. It’s quite ridiculous to think that a tiny audience barely ‘connecting’ over vast distances with bits and bytes could change the world, or even have any kind of an effect. Extend this to all online social activity too. Unless there is a truly large participation, then translated into real-life actions and reactions, we’re all just beating at the air. It appears that most people have settled for this too as their form of ‘activism’, which it isn’t. Its delusional, distracting, ineffective. A fantastic tool to defeat the so-called ‘masses’. Obviously then (at least to me), the ‘online’ effort is just never going to mean much.

But offline efforts have been tried to. I fully acknowledge this. But not everything offline (in the real world) has been tried. And this is of course, what really matters the very most – what has been done or will be done or tried to be done in the real world. That’s where the ‘try’ is going to matter the most. Not here – not on a blog or online anywhere because the online ‘life’ isn’t the real world, it’s nothing even close to the real world. It’s simply a great way to share information (and disinformation).

So that’s my new direction. Offline. It has to be, because it is where it matters the most and the only thing that really has ever counted for a damn. What we do in life. Not how many blog posts we can throw up or how many ‘friends’ we may have online. All that stuff is totally irrelevant and meaningless.

I’m going to go find some doers to be quite frank. And if I cannot find any, I will recruit them myself. I absolutely will not ‘settle’ for this ridiculous, misguided, pathetic notion that we’ve tried hard enough yet because it is indefensible, morally reprobate and lacking in evidence.

Finally, yes, I’ll be online (of course). We cannot discuss anything illegal (obviously), but we definitely should. But can’t. So don’t go there. There are a lot of skirmishes ahead, survive those as long as you can (stay in the battle), or just give up and move on with your life. Those of you that choose to stay online (here or anywhere else), don’t fall for the illusion that online is ‘living’ because it most certainly is the tiniest slice of everything else, a false picture of the world you’re being allowed to see. I’ve pointed this out before – you have to try (there it is again, sorry) to filter out the lies, dishonesty, mistruths and deceptions that the StupidNet breeds. It’s not the real world. With a bit of effort, you can do it and obtain as much ‘truth’ as can probably be found.

But then, you should do something with that truth. It’s not enough to just sit on it and exclaim oneself ‘well informed’. You may be satisfied with only that, and you may be at a different place and point in life then I am, and content wherever you are. I however, am not because it grieves me most sincerely to see such massive failures all leading towards our extinction and the extinction of the biosphere as we know it. That moves me, it drives me, it compels me to do something more then just write blog posts.

But I cannot ask anyone else to agree with me out of respect for your own position, experiences and your time and place in life. So don’t ask me to agree with your either.

I’ve made my case, many times on this topic, yet I think I’m seriously misunderstood and yes, under-appreciated. I’m used to it. I know that this blog has failed and all the efforts I’ve put into it over many years. But these feelings are irrelevant. The stakes are too damned high to allow personal feelings to interfere. They need to be set aside or we will simply all lose our way. Some have already, but I’m not ready to abandon all my hope (Yes! I finally said that!).

Finally, despair is extremely dangerous. False hope is too. But without effort, without ‘try’, without giving it our very best shot, we slide into a dark place ourselves, never even knowing if we just had to press ahead a little further. We turn to drugs, alcohol, hedonism, distractions. That’s exactly the ‘place’ where the global zombies live now, the ones I make fun of. It’s not for me. So I’m going to seek out those who are like me, or at least close enough to understand this message. We have got to try.

There are others trying. That’s why you get to read about their science, their research, their ideas and proposals. It is irrelevant if they’ve got no answers yet. They may never find them. So what? The human race is not defeated. Not yet and not until we are all dead. Failure IS an option. It is irrelevant.

Jan 082017

Please read this post, I think I’ve finally hit on something – Admin.

Rudy E. Verner: Trump’s immoral climate policies

Morality, philosophers and priests tell us, is concerned with the consequences of individual and collective action. It asks us to consider not only the effects our actions have on those around us, but on those who are distant and do not have voices of their own. Future generations and even today’s children are rightly included in the category of people without real standing when it comes to political affairs. It is up to us to protect their rights and interests, just as our fathers and grandfathers stood up for our right to live in a free society by joining the fight against Nazism in World War II, and the tide of communism in Korea and Vietnam.

The right of future generations to live in a free and prosperous society is in peril today, just as it was then. The only difference is many in this country refuse to acknowledge the threat. Contrary to the opinions of some, it is undeniable that failing to address the threat of climate pollution will have profoundly negative consequences for our children and grandchildren. Those consequences will be measured in terms of increasingly deadly and costly natural disasters, more frequent military conflict, and less reliable sources of food and water. In other words, if we choose not to act, and other nations fail to act as well, we will all but ensure lower standards of living and greater human suffering for future generations.

This is the definition of an immoral choice.It follows that policies that intentionally ignore climate change and the rights of future generations to a livable planet are immoral. But those are exactly the policies it appears President-elect Trump will adopt when he takes office, as evidenced by his choices to head the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy and Interior Departments. The men Trump plans to appoint to these cabinet positions have not simply expressed disagreement over how these federal agencies have operated in the past. They have staunchly opposed or even shown outright hostility to them. Case in point, Trump’s pick for secretary of energy, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, ran for president on the promise that he would abolish the Energy Department. These nominations do not bode well for combating the climate threat, as the agencies these men will run are the very agencies with the power — and in the case of the EPA, the obligation — to address the disastrous effects of carbon pollution.

The president-elect’s choice for secretary of state is no less disconcerting. As CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson lobbied against sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 because the sanctions halted his company’s off-shore drilling operations in the Kara Sea. It is naïve to think that Tillerson will not have Exxon in mind when he considers such issues as secretary of state. But what is good for Exxon is not necessarily good for the United States, a country which has historically used sanctions to punish violators of international law. The decision to use such an effective international relations tool should not be swayed by the impact it might have on a private corporations like Exxon. Permitting Tillerson to use the office of secretary of state to advance the interests of the fossil-fuel industry puts our chances of reducing carbon emissions in further jeopardy. It is yet further evidence the president-elect does not take seriously the need to counter the threat that climate change poses to our nation’s future.

Coloradans should imagine what their lives would be like if our fathers and neighbors had turned a blind eye to the threats we faced during World War II and the Cold War. Imagine if our parents had chosen cowardice rather than courage in the face of tough odds. I ask you to imagine what the world will be like for our children and grandchildren if we, unlike those who came before us, fail to act in the face of another great threat. As you spend time with your children and grandchildren this holiday season, take time to consider whether Trump’s environmental and energy policies will protect their futures, or imperil them. Let morality be your guide.

Rudy E. Verner is a lawyer and climate change activist who lives in Boulder.

He said what needs to be said – but it is of course, not saying or going far enough. Any incoming Administration would have betrayed us all, because the basic paradigm of how humans exist on this planet is not going to be addressed. Our demand for energy, food, water, space, materials, technology and resources commits us all to the very future unfolding before us right now. The deception Verner fails to acknowledge is how any President can or would have changed any of this. The deeper deception is how even changing our stance on climate change would accomplish anything in the end.

That is what is not in the public narrative or perception. The knowledge and awareness that unless we address the root causes of our harm to the biosphere and its ability to provide for our survival, found within our civilization itself, we will continue to take the wrong path and hold the wrong values while deceiving ourselves about our effectiveness. We’re scratching at the surface while ignoring all the far deeper wounds we’re inflicting.

I do not have these illusions myself. “Policies” will not solve the climate crisis. This is a ridiculous notion that is embedded in all current discussions about climate change. The assumption being, “the right policies will resolved this issue” (for all of us, apparently), but this is factually false. It can never be true because our civilization remains on the same trajectory as always – growth, consumption, emissions, technology, in a never-ending cycle of planetary destruction.

Those topics are untouchable in today’s entrancement of civilization. They don’t get discussed or addressed, so any polices that do or that may come about and take effect, will have virtually no lasting restoration or preservation and do nothing to address root causes. It’s just a matter of time under these illusions we endorse that we will consume, destroy and pollute whatever is still left. We are finding it impossible to restrain ourselves as our history shows. But now we must, but refuse to even discuss it.

But of course, Verner is simply concerned about Trump and rightly so. But it is not enough. Not even close. He’s quite correct about the immorality of what is happening, but he does not go far enough here either. It is proving to also be impossible (to date) to stop the indifference, especially within the American population. I spend (recently, that is) a lot of time reading through “denier” articles, which will drive a thinking person insane. But it reveals a deep hatred within many Americans for their own planet. It is a type of xenophobia writ large across their tiny minds of extreme selfishness and arrogance.

We’re not reaching these people. But we’ve permitted them too loud a voice. What they are doing is immoral.  Their screeching rhetoric is so bad now that something must be done. They are, in effect, telling all the people in a burning theater that there is no fire. Nothing to be alarmed about, while the building is coming down on top of them. This is more then a crime of ignorance, it is a crime against humanity to continue to tolerate their lies and dishonesty.

Something must be done. It is not Free Speech to spread dangerous lies that will harm other people – in this case, the whole of humanity, present and future, even the whole of the entire living biosphere. Therefore, their deceptions and lies should no longer be allowed in the public space, newspapers, news sites, television, magazines and all forms of public broadcast. While I support healthy informed public and private debate, this is not what is occurring. It is neither informed nor healthy and is doing great irreversible harm to us all, even them, but they’re too obtuse to even realize this fact. You don’t allow people to spread dangerous ideologies and give them a free pass, which is what they have today and it needs to stop, quickly so that the world can address the real issue, which is in fact, dangerous heating and the cause and effects that are imperiling planetary survival.

But of course, this too is a pipe-dream. It won’t happen. It’s also a dangerous path. The alternative then is much better – mandatory global education on climate change. This would also allow for public debate and discourse to occur in an educational setting where anyone can be free to disagree and provide their evidence.

In developed countries, mandatory education is required by law. The difference here is this education would not target only the young, but all citizens, young and old (there would need to be limits on this of course).

The curriculum would need to be developed presenting both sides of the issue to encourage debate and critical thinking. The difference here, unlike the public space “debate” occurring now, is it would not be one-sided, or dominated by a particular industry or group of people, nor would it be voluntary. You have to take the course, it would be mandatory.

There would be no “graduation”, no diploma, nothing more would be needed other then certification of taking the course. I’d like to see higher education (additional topics) also offered and made freely available too. It would be possible to even take the course online – but with required participation and interaction from each “student” (not a simple multiple-choice quiz). The idea being, every citizen needs to be fully and fairly informed.

What would this accomplish? Similar to educational mandates and efforts undertaken in the past, it would raise awareness, involvement and ultimately support for climate initiatives. We expect students to have a basic education now (I think the 8th grade in America is required by law) and this would be no different. A basic education on the causes, effects, issues, problems and knowledge on climate change.

Why would we do this? Because it is a issue of global importance. Our very existence is at stake. We may yet ‘discover’ bright minds that would make large strides towards mitigation and adaption strategies. We may also develop a citizens initiative on a national or even global scale to participate, versus prevent climate action. We may even help establish a baseline for future and present industry and political leaders and how they may influence the human future and our survival on this planet.

It is clear that the ‘agenda’ is to prove and demonstrate climate change – this is obvious, but it is also critically necessary and no different then what education does right now – schooling in the facts of the real world. The world cannot continue to tolerate ignorance, denial, stubbornness and yes, complete stupidity about such an important topic. Not when our very survival and that of the entire biosphere is at stake.

We are all ‘citizens of the world’, components of the human race, and we each have responsibilities and obligation as part of that. But we also have a deeper responsibility that extends beyond our own species, and that is to a habitable future for all living things, which we ourselves, cannot live without their survival. Expecting all humans to be schooled in these basic concepts is reasonable, ethical and essential. And seriously, seriously overdue.

If we do not take drastic action, then we’re just in denial ourselves and will have failed to even try to rise up to the challenge that faces us all.

Jan 072017

Well, exciting times for all!

An enormous rift in one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves grew dramatically over the past month, and a chunk nearly the size of Delaware could break away as soon as later this winter, British scientists reported this week.

The crack in the ice shelf, known as Larsen C, has been growing at an accelerating rate. Since the beginning of December, it has grown about 11 miles in length, after extending 13 miles earlier in the year. In total, the rift has grown about 50 miles since 2011 (it’s almost 100 miles long in total), and has widened to well over 1,000 feet. Now, only 12 miles of ice continue to connect the chunk with the rest of the ice shelf.

When it breaks away, the loss would be of nearly 2,000 square miles of ice, say the researchers with Project MIDAS, a British government-funded collaboration based at Swansea and Aberystwyth universities in Wales. That’s larger than Rhode Island and almost as big as Delaware.

The consequences of the break could be dramatic.

The crack in this Antarctic ice shelf just grew by 11 miles. A dramatic break could be imminent.

Here’s what I want to know. Since that is a TRULY MASSIVE block of ice breaking away, how long will it take for the deniers to explain this one? A day? A week? They’re still claiming the ice is growing in the Antarctic. It would take CENTURIES for this amount of ice to re-accumulate in Antarctica. But how much does anyone want to bet that their false narrative isn’t going to change one iota? Any takers?

Meanwhile, we’ve got some serious sea level rise headed our way. That’s BIG iceberg, large enough to start your own small country. Maybe we could deport the idiotic deniers onto its surface, I’m sure they’d all fit. They could even jump up and down and if we’re lucky, they’d flip the thing over!

Jan 072017

Check this out:

I’ve been wondering when this sort of mob behavior would begin. It’s not even Black Friday!

Obviously, this will now happen again. And again. And again – until box stores line their exits with armed guards. Then, the “mob” will move onto something else, having belatedly “discovered” that the power of mob behavior grants them the ability to do a lot of well, whatever the hell they want.

And then, finally – the shooting starts. Watch and see. It won’t be people being shot (too often that is) over stolen flat-screen t.v.’s, but it will be people being shot over mob activity that starts targeting “everything” (people, businesses, offices, warehouses, restaurants, traffic, entire sections of cities and some towns, etc.), virtually anyplace where an uncontrolled mob of zombies can run amok.

I prepared for this years ago – did you?