Oct 062012


This is a continuation of the Greenhouse Project series.  If you’ve not followed this yet, you can find the beginning of the series here:

The greenhouse is finally completed.  As earlier mentioned, I went on to other major projects during the summer, also now all complete.  The greenhouse wasn’t needed during the warm summer months, so I left off completing construction until fairly recently. Continue reading »

Jun 142012

Here’s a pictorial series on the Greenhouse Project, #3.   If you missed the beginning of this series, here’s Greenhouse Project #1, and Greenhouse Project #2.

I last left off with the foundation built, “feet” installed and bolted down, and the truss legs attached.  Right after this, I realized that I had a problem.  All of the truss leg mounting holes, where the cross bolt passes through the mounting feet, were drilled incorrectly at the factory.

The pic below shows a file of the same diameter as the bolt hole, and the curve of the leg.  They should be perfectly aligned:

Greenhouse Holes Drilled Wrong Continue reading »