MRE's offer complete meal options in durable packaging. They can be eaten cold or use the included heaters to create a hot meal in minutes. A great option for on-the-go traveling, camping, or emergency preparedness.


  • OMeals

    About OMeals

    Omeal's are convenient and easy to use Outdoor Meals. They are similar to MRE's in that they can be eaten hot or cold and include flameless heaters and utensil kits. Unlike MRE's, these are single-entree meals containing no side dishes or food accessories, making these a more lightweight and lower calorie offering that has become popular with hikers and campers. These are also a great option for the on-the-go traveler or folks who just want to have the ability to make an easy lunch at work!

    Average shelf life of OMeals is 5 years depending on storage conditions. Cooler conditions will yield a longer shelf life. Do not freeze OMeals as this can damage the packaging due to food expansion.

  • XMRE's

    About XMRE's

    XMRE's are a US Military specification MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). Packaged in durable waterproof pouches with a flameless heater so you can have a hot meal in minutes! These are functionally identical to military issued MRE's, and contain heaters, utensil kits, food accessories, and the side dishes. XMRE's are available from single entree selections (GI Entrees) to large 24 case units.

    XMRE's are also available in several calorie options, from lighter 1200 calorie meals to longer-sustaining 3000 calorie meals. We also offer GI Entree's which are single meal entree's and do not contain heaters, accessories, or side dishes; basically these are a "field stripped" MRE meal.

    Average upper-shelf life of XMRE's is 5 years depending on storage conditions. The cooler the storage temperatures, the longer the shelf life will be. Do not freeze MRE's as this can damage the packaging due to expansion of the food products.