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Rainy Day Elbow Macaroni 6 gal 25 lb Super Pail




Rainy Day Elbow Macaroni is a great staple to have on hand for making your own casseroles, macaroni and cheese meals, and more!

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Macaroni is a family favorite staple. Macaroni and cheese is delicious and nutritious. Making your own tastes better and healthier. Add cheese sauce and bakon bits for a tasty dish. Macaroni salad with freeze dried ham bits is a scrumptious meal. Be sure to always have this in your food storage supply.

*Sodium calculated without adding salt to water.

Ingredients: Enriched durum semolina with niacin, iron (ferrous sulfate), thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1) and riboflavin (Vitamin B2); folic acid (Vitamin B).

Allergens: wheat.

#10 can: K067-50 oz. (1417g) 25 servings

#10 case: K068- 150 servings

Bulk: B059-20 lbs. (9.07kg) 162 servings

6 Gallon Regular Bucket: C080-25 lbs (11.4kg) 202 servings

6 Gallon Super Pail Bucket: E080-25 lbs (11.4kg) 202 servings

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