Rainy Day

Rainy Day French Vanilla Almond Granola 13 oz., (6) 2.5 cans




Loaded with almonds and vanilla, this granola mix is a healthy and delicious snack or trail mix!

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French vanilla almond granola is great for cereal or to eat as a snack. It is loaded with vanilla flavor and almonds. It will be hard to keep this in your food storage at it is a family favorite. It will go stale so needs to be rotated often.

French Vanilla Almond Granola is a great tasting granola with almonds and a vanilla flavor. Tastes great as a cereal or it can be added to trail mixes. It is also great as a snack just by itself. Store this item in your emergency food storage or pantry and always have granola on hand for treats or meals.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, milled cane sugar, vegetable oil (canola and/or sunflower oil), rice flour, cornstarch, almonds, honey, salt, natural flavor, barley malt syrup, cardamom seed, fennel seed, fenugreek seed, nutmeg.

Contains: Almonds. May contain other tree nuts, wheat, and soy.

Directions: Eat as a snack or as breakfast foods. Great in trail mixes.

Servings per Container:

#2.5 can: 13oz. (369g) 7 servings

#2.5 case: 42 servings

#10 can: 43oz. (1219g) 22 servings

#10 case: 133 servings

Bulk: 25 lbs. (11.34kg) 206 servings

6 Gallon Regular Bucket: n/a

6 Gallon Super Pail Bucket: n/a