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Rainy Day Honey Grade A Clover 45 lb bucket (no UPS shipments, freight only)



Enjoy lots of honey? Our Honey Grade A clover 45 lb bucket (no UPS shipments, freight shipments only) is the best deal for honey around.

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A delicious natural sweetener that is available in its liquid form or whipped. Honey is a great sweetener to have in your food storage as it will last for many years.


Ingredients:Pure honey.

Directions:Use as a sweetener and as called for in recipes.

Servings per Container:

#2.5 can: N/A

#2.5 case: N/A

#10 can: N/A

#10 case: N/A

Bulk 6 5lb. pails: 30 lbs (13.61kg) 648 servings

Bulk bucket *: 45 lbs (20.41kg) 972 servings (available in liquid honey only)

*bucket not available for shipping UPS

6 Gallon Regular Bucket: N/A

6 Gallon Super Pail Bucket: N/A