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Rainy Day Scone Mix Fry Bread 65oz size 10 can




Our fry bread is the best. No need to rise. Just mix and fry!

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Our fry bread is the best. No need to rise. Just mix and fry!  Top with butter, honey, or jam or make your own Navajo tacos for supper.   You'll find you will want to use this more than bread!   Your family will ask for it often-but they can even help make it!   It can be a key element for you home food storage and preparedness needs. 

Ingredients: Bleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, malted barley, folic acid), sugar, soybean oil, salt, cysteine & amylases (dough conditioners), yeast, whey, non-fat dry milk, soy flour, mono & diglycerides, yeast food (calcium & ammonium sulfate, starch, ascorbic acid, azecarbonamide).

Contains: Wheat, milk, and soy.

#10 can: 65oz. (1843g) 46 servings