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Ships Free! Super Spectrim - Cyclists Pac w/Veg Multi - 30 Day. View larger

Super Spectrim Cyclists Pac w/Veg Multi, 30 Day

Super Spectrim Cyclists Pac w/Veg Multi, 30 Day.

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Product Details

Super Spectrim Cyclist's Pac

Each Cyclist's Pac contains: 1 - bottle Super Spectrim - 180 tablets 1 - bottle Electrolyte Tablets - 150 tablets 1 - bottle Tri-Min(erals) - 90 tablets

Super Spectrim - The special time release formulation provides a regulated release of nutrients for up to 12 full hours  for high utilization and long term effectiveness, thus the level of absorption can approach 100%. Each tablet contains 63 nutrients: 14 vitamins, 12 chelated minerals, Antioxidants, Micro Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, Essential Amino Acids, and Bioflavonoids in a Buffered formula!

Electrolyte Tablets - a chelated, multi-mineral formula designed to replace the key minerals lost during physical exertion. The minerals are in the most scientifically valid form (citrated ascorbates) for highest absorption and are known to help with muscle cramps, elevated blood pressure and can help lift depression.

Tri-Min(erals) - assist in keeping glycogen in the muscle.