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72 Hour 2-person Emergency Kit by Rainy Day Foods

A 72-hour emergency kit for 2 people that addresses 3 vital areas in an emergency situation.

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72 Hour Emergency Kit

A 72-hour emergency kit for 2 people that addresses 3 vital areas in an emergency situation.

First, shelter - a lot of kits on the market today simply give you a piece of plastic sheeting with a hole in both ends and call it a tent. This kit includes an actual 2-person tent with shock-corded poles, a small rain-fly and stakes. Whether you evacuate to a church or civic center or find yourself out of doors, a tent with a door and a window that can be zipped up offers an extra layer of protection that is often overlooked.

Second, cooking and heating - rather than the MREs found in other emergency kits, this kit provides delicious, just add boiling water, Mountain House Meals. These nutritious, easy-to-make meals are lightweight, easy to pack and carry, and provide 1650 calories per day per person. There is also a Camp Chef Stryker Stove and Sierra Cups to heat the water and meals.

Third, personal comfort - this kit includes mylar sleeping bags, gloves, a first-aid kit, a LifeStraw personal water filter and 2 headlamps and also a convenient multi-tool. All of this and more in a convenient to carry heavy-duty backpack that makes trekking, even over long distances, easier than lugging around a duffel bag or plastic bucket. This gives you the ability to have your hands free to do other things like taking care of younger children or assisting others who might require special care. The pack itself is large enough to carry everything included while still allowing some flexibility for personalization to suit individual needs.

Included in this kit are:

  • 1 Heavy duty 24" backpack
  • 1 2-person Dome Tent (shock-corded poles, stakes, and rainfly)
  • 1 Tri-Fold Camp Shovel with saw
  • 1 50 ft nylon cord
  • 2 Carbon Filter Dust masks
  • 2 LED Headlamps
  • 2 36-hr Survival Candles
  • 2 Pair of work gloves
  • 5 pkgs hand warmers
  • 2 Emergency Sleeping Bags
  • 1 Camp Chef Stryker Stove (propane is not included)
  • 2 1 3/4 cup Cooking Pots
  • 2 Multi-tools with fork, knife, and spoon
  • 1 emergency whistle
  • 1 Trek 2 First Aid Kit
  • 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1 Package of tissues
  • 1 Pair of latex gloves
  • 1 LifeStraw personal water filter
  • 2 Nylon rain ponchos
  • 2 Mountain House 3 Day Emergency Food Supply Kits (20 Servings of Breakfast Lunch & Dinner)
  • 1 Esky Solar Hand Crank Self Powered Emergency Radio with LED Flashlight and 1000mAh Power Bank