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Grain Grinder Mill, Ships Free! by Country Living

Ranked as one of the worlds best grain grinders by two consumer magazines, the Country Living Grain Mill is built to last a lifetime!





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Product Details

Country Living Grain Mill

Rated best in the world by two consumer magazines!
A masterwork of simplicity and ruggedness
Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty!

  • Solid I-beam construction from cast aircraft grade aluminum
  • Double sealed agricultural-grade bearings
  • FDA approved, food-grade powder coating
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • High-carbon steel grinding plates
  • Adjustable output; from cracked wheat to pastry flour in one pass
  • 30% less torque or energy required to turn than any comparable hand mill on the market.
  • Large hopper holds 2 lbs. of wheat

A look inside the Country Living Grain Mill

It is the only grinder, of which I am aware, that utilizes two industrial-grade ball-bearings. Other comparable grinders that cost around $200.00 more than the Country Living mill use brass bushings.

Many grinders use only one large bushing, but the Country Living Mill has two sealed ball bearings spaced apart* which increases the stability of the drive shaft and reduces bearing strain.

The photo below that shows what the grinder looks like when the threaded adjustment knob, the rotating burr, the drive key and grain auger have been removed. The grinder must be broken down to this point to install the bean and corn auger. If you wished, you could now pull the drive shaft out of the mill from the crank side. You can see that this grinder is amazingly easy to take apart and clean.

Country Living Grain Mill Bearings Country Living Grain Mill burrs

*The bearing placement can be seen highlighted in red on the diagram to the left.

The keys

If you are using the large auger, there are three keys that must be installed for the grinder to operate.

The standard auger set-up only requires two keys. The purpose of the keys are to lock the different rotating parts of the grinder to the drive shaft so they all turn as one unit. There's a key locking the pulley wheel to the drive shaft, another to lock the bean and corn auger to the drive shaft, and on the end of the grinder a third key to lock the rotating burr of the grinder to the drive shaft.

Country Living Grain Mill keys When taking the grinder apart, be mindful of the keys so that you do not lose them. Before any disassembly, clean your work area. More than one key has been lost in a bowl of wheat or flour. This is especially true for those who do not know to keep an 'eye out', as the key can quite unnoticeably fall out of the groove in the drive shaft during disassembly, then get lost in whatever floury mess you have at the base of the grinder.

For many folks, the first indication there's something wrong is when they reassemble their grinder, and the rotating burr doesn't turn when they crank the handle. By this time, the key may very well be long gone. Be careful with the keys. The grinder won't work without them.

Parts of the Country Living Grain Mill grinding mechanism

A. The Fixed Burr or Plate.

Held into position by three Country Living Grain Mill parts and pieces screws.

B. The Rotating Burr or Plate.

C. The Threaded Coarseness Adjustment Knob.

D. The Grain Auger.

E. The Key.

F. Three or Four Washers.

*Lifetime Warranty includes all parts, except the grinding plates which are a wear item. Grinding plate longevity will vary depending on usage, but you can expect them to easily last for several years with daily home use.

Beware cheap imitations!

"With the advent of Y2K, many opportunists jumped into the self-sufficiency market with the hopes of reaping a quick profit then making an equally quick exit. Long term commitment and service to their customers isn't a consideration with many of these opportunists - some are actually willing to abandon the time honored American virtue of integrity and are making spurious look-alikes of long established products with rock-solid reputations.

This deceptive practice allows them to virtually steal the reputation and good will of a sterling company in the hopes of reaping a quick profit. It also lets the upstarts bypass research, development and design expenses - all at the expense of the company who has been maintaining the highest quality and service for many decades. (Many of us remember with anguish the shoddy look-alikes out of Asia after the Second World War.)

Sadly, at least four upstart mills claiming "Country Living Mill" virtues and looks, have appeared. All of them make wondrous claims (some preliminary examinations show workmanship and quality to be haphazard and shoddy) but none can make this most important statement of fact:

"For 35 years we have been manufacturing as a family business (in America) the world's finest and most acclaimed quality hand mill - the Country Living Grain Mill. For all of those 35 years our family has serviced and stood behind the Country Living Mill without question. In fact, we are so sure of our past we can easily and proudly say that any Country Living Mill purchased will have a lifetime warranty!"

Some questions to ask when buying your mill: When did it first appear on the market? Does it look similar to the Country Living Mill? Where is it manufactured? Buy your next grain mill based on established facts, not advertising fiction. Country Living Grain Mill - the quality you will proudly bequeath to the next generation."

Jack Jenkins
Country Living Productions

Just some of the many Country Living Grain Mill testimonials!

From the Canadian Grain Commission

I first want to thank you for the use of your grain mills. They have been a wonderful addition to our educational display. Both adults and children have enjoyed using them and are fascinated by how they work.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity.


Jan Knight
National Coordinator, Canadian Grain Commission
Education in Agriculture

We are delighted with how easy the mill is to operate and how great it produces. We are using it and we love it. With a twist of the knob it is set from fine to medium to etc, coarse or ground. It does not lose the setting or need continual re-adjustment. A GREAT MACHINE!

Mount Joy, PA

I recently attended a consumer show where I tested half a dozen other hand grain mills. The Country Living grain mill was easier to turn and had the most consistent grind of all the other mills. Some of the other mills were so hard to turn, you would have to be desperate to use them! Thank you for a quality product.

Mindy Gordon


The mill was received right before our school May Faire, then opened a couple days later (May Faire is very, very busy). The teachers were shocked at how lovely the mill is, and the children– well the first day the mill was unveiled the children ground every piece of grain available on the premises! The children (including my daughter, a fussy 5 year old) love the mill. We will be taking pictures and sending you copies of these!


Eugene Waldorf School
Rose Kindergarten Parent Coordinator

Love our mill. My father (90 years old) has adopted it — He’d grind flour every day I think! We really do love it. Here’s a picture from one week in January, so you can see what we’re doing. All sourdough, no added yeast, fresh ground white wheat and rye flours.

–Metra Christofferson