About Survivor Industries

About Survivor Industries

Survivor Industries, Inc. has been the forerunner in the emergency preparedness field for the past 20 years, since its inception in September 1983. Its founder, Howard Wallace, began the company from his experience and expertise while working with both private and governmental agencies over a 25 year period. Survivor Industries has developed with the welcomed assistance of accredited professionals and actual survivalists. The goal is the ability to sustain individuals or groups of people who may be cut off from support services for whatever reason, and who must rely on themselves and the materials around them until outside help arrives, or until they are able to better their situation.

Establishing their business by the manufacturing, assembling, and distributing of pre-designed or custom designed kits; Survivor Industries provides the basic amenities necessary to sustain a quality of life for a period of time, while under stress. The pre-designed support units range from a simplistic unit to a full combination for a larger group of people, supporting from one to ten people. All components in the units are multifunctional and easy to use, along with being necessary. The kits are designed to be user-friendly, so the average person is able to comprehend the components and their basic uses. The units are designed to be placed anywhere, in any environment. Not only are they made for the basic needs of the individual, but a must on the corporate level, pertaining to the safety and security field.

In 1990, Survivor Industries researched and developed a new food product that can now be found world wide and is considered one of the most complete emergency food of its kind produced today. Survivor Industries is also the producer of another unique product in which they package drinking water in convenient, pre-measured metallic sachets. It is easy and quick to dispense in time of rationing, and is very portable. The food, along with the water, are highly tolerable to temperature extremes and both have a five year shelf life approved by the United States Coast Guard. The food and water, both manufactured under the name Mainstay™, can be found world wide in either bulk form or in our pre-designed units.


Mainstay™ Food's world wide acceptance has made it one of the foods ideally manufactured in bulk for pre-placement for disaster relief. Survivor's facilities are able to produce 20 tons of food per day and an excess of 3,000 cases of water per week. At this time, along with food and water, Survivor is one of the largest distributors of the "space-age" mylar-type emergency blankets and cocoon sleeping bags, which are included in the units.