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Coronovirus News & Alerts
Updated 3/21/20

Notice: We are unable to keep up with the rapidly escalating situation, the news is pouring in so fast, keeping this page up to date is now impossible. It is clear that a global pandemic is unfolding with a highly infectious contagious virus with a death rate as high as 16% in some elderly people, and over 10 times as deadly as regular flu. People of all ages with any kind of compromised immune system or even pregnancy are at risk of severe illness or even death. Expect this to last 1 - 2 years. You will need food supplies for a long time as stores run out.

PLEASE WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO - Terrifying damage to YOUNG people's lungs. Everyone, and we mean everyone, should take this very seriously. (Link)

How to handle your groceries safely - (Link)

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance - (Link)

Eliminating COVID-19: A Community-based Analysis - (Link)

Washington State Probable Shutdown - (Link)

Shelter In Place - (Link)

Outbreak will last 12 months - (Link)

VERY IMPORTANT - Social Responsibility - (Link)

State by State breakdown - (Link)

Sick Map John Hopkins University- (Link)


America’s shamefully slow coronavirus testing threatens all of us
- (Link)

We strongly urge everyone to take all possible precautions at this point.
The global marketplace is going to become very unstable as infections, quarantine and workers unable to report to work escalate. Food shortages will likely follow as production and deliveries are impacted. Staying home and staying away from public places are the first line of defense. Be prepared to stay in place for several months. The global / national pandemic emergency will probably last at least a year or more (latest estimates are 2 years).

What You Need To Know:

The Coronavirus will be around a long time. Due to it's highly infectious nature among humans, it spreads very easily, with a death rate far higher then the regular flu. A vaccine is not expected to be available for 12 - 18 months under ideal conditions; it must be created, tested and proven to not have detrimental side-effects. Disruptions to the local / national / global economy is already severe - and it could get worse if there are city-wide, lockdowns, medical quaranties, shutting down transporation, schools, public places and more.

There are now two strains of the virus, an indication that it is already mutating. One strain is more deadly then the other. Mutations may be ongoing.

Every town and city nationwide will likely have infections and contagion. It really is that contagious. Full-blown quarantines / city-wide lockdowns have failed to stop the spread. It is extremely likely someone you know will contract the virus. Estimate range as high as 90+ percent of the global population will contract the coronavirus. Nobody knows if a vaccine will actually be developed, or if it will work, or if there will be dangerous side-effects, or how long this will all take.

1) The coronavirus, and risk of infection / contagion is going to be with us a long time (1 - 2 years and that's only if a vaccine is actually found). It could be much longer.

2) The global economy, and the national economy is likely going to collapse. Contraction, cancellations, deliveries, markets, all falling, failing.

3) A national state-of-emergency now exists and is way overdue for being declared.

4) All ports, airports could be closed except for essential goods and supplies. This probably won't happen anytime soon.

5) All events, meetings, gatherings, games, activities, schools, colleges and most work places should be closed. Everyone who can should work from home wherever possible.

6) Self-isolation of all persons nationwide is the only way to reduce the infection curve (and the risk each person has to everyone else). Also not likely to happen.

7) Life as we know it is likely now over in the United States. "Recovery" if there is one, is months to years away.

8) Expect people you know to die. This is what the experts are saying. The only prevention from this happening is to self-isolate, and then to take every precaution necessary.

9) Those that do not, or will not self-isolate will most likely be both carriers and spreaders of the virus. Not taking precautions is selfish and risks everyone else, not just "you".

10) Prepare accordingly, what we have all feared the most is here. It's not "just the flu", it's deadly, highly contagious and will likely affects hundreds of millions of people, even billions in time. It's just math.

11) Unfortunately, the level of "leadership" and precautions being taken is woefully inadequate, guaranteeing a worse or even catastrophic outcome (worst-case scenario). Don't plan on a "magic bullet" solution or recovery, it's unlikely.

12) The miserable failure being presently experienced in the United States by officials, and even businesses to act decisively is creating worsening conditions (guaranteed widespread infections), overloading the already stressed medical system, leading to more deaths, which will lead to more panic.

13) Therefore as it gets worse, to the point most likely, we “erupt” at the systematic failures that cascade. Worker strikes / shortage, products and good shortages, economy collapses, markets tank, hoarding, medical system vastly overwhelmed, National Guard and even the possibility of martial law. All those hundreds / thousands of crematoriums operating in China weren't burning cow dung.

We recommend the following preparations:

a) 1 Year Food Supply; this is the absolute minimum you need, you really cannot have too much food on hand, and you may well need to share.
b) Water Storage; 2 gallons per person, per day (more is needed because of disinfecting, cleaning, washing) in case of power outages or worker shortages to maintain water supplies.
c) Essential medications and over-the-counter medical supplies; stock up on everything you need.
d) Disinfectants, cleaners, wipes; you will use a suprisingly large amount of cleaning supplies, stock up.
f) Facemasks N95 or better (N100 is our preference); wear these in public or when meeting with anyone.
g) Keep your vehicles and fuel cans full of fuel. Be prepared to either evacuate or go to the hospital if you must.
h) Stay home as much as possible, limit your exposure and social contacts. Shop online. Stay put, stay safe, stay home.
i) Stay very vigilant on personal hygeine, wash your hands regularly (vigoursly, 20 seconds); don't touch your face, eyes, ears, mouth.
j) Stay away from infected, sick or ill, coughing persons unless you are their primary care giver.
k) Avoid all public gatherings, places, events, meetings, etc. whenever possible.
l) It's time to self-quarantine (everyone) - STAY HOME.
m) Most people are buying far too little food (fair warning). Expect this to last for MONTHS.

The coronavirus will be with us for years to come - Act now to save yourselves.

Good advice from a infectious disease epidemiologist. Expect people you know to die, this will be the 2nd most deadlist epidemic in the last 200 years, expect significant economic disruptions, significant shortages of some products, healthcare system will be hit the hardest. Daily life will be impacted in important ways. Travel is likely to be limited and public gatherings will probably be canceled. Schools will probably be closed. Expect health departments to start issuing these orders in the near future, especially on the West Coast. The acute pandemic will probably last at least for several months and quite possibly for a year or two. (Link)>

IN THE NEWS - New articles and updates

Live Coronavirus Cases in the US - (Link)

UK coronavirus crisis 'to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised'
- What happens there, is extremely likely to happen here (same with China, Italy, Spain, Iran) - (Link)

California self-quarantine elderly people for 4 months - Closing bars, nightclubs, breweries, wineries too. Only "end of life" visitations allowed, hospital, homes.

Self-quarantines for those 70 and older
- England is taking a World War II approach to stopping the virus. (Link)

Military troops brought in to protect hospitals and supermarkets
- (Link)

National Emergency
- Looks like the President is finally going to declare a national emergency. (Link)

The Worst-Case Estimate for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths
- With EVERY estimate being wrong in the past, we don't think one is right either. "Between 160 million and 214 million people in the U.S. could be infected over the course of the epidemic, according to one projection. That could last months or even over a year, with infections concentrated in shorter periods, staggered across time in different communities, experts said. As many as 200,000 to 1.7 million people could die." (Link)

Iran burying thousands (most likely) Mass graves seen from space
- (Link)

Why you must act now
- Good read, important read. Failure to act by a single day is catastrophic for everyone. (Link)

Important video on contagion, spread, infection
- Must watch (Link)

Some Victims Dying In Just Hours
- From zero symptoms to death in just hours. (Link)

The Most Frightening Disease Ever Encountered - (Link)

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus
- The US "response" to the virus spread couldn't be much worse. (Link)

Italy coronavirus cases jump 50 per cent in a day amid fears of broader contagion across Europe
- (Link)

Chinese city orders destruction of coronavirus epidemic data -

  • JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii - by Daniel K Inouye International Airport (HNL) 
  • Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, Illinois - by O'Hare International Airport (ORD) 
  • Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Texas - by Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) 
  • March ARB, California - by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) 
  • Travis AFB, California - by San Francisco International Airport (SFO) 
  • Dobbins ARB, Georgia - by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) 
  • Fort Hamilton, New York - by John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City
  • Naval Base Kitsap, Washington - by Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
  • Joint Base Anacostia, Washington DC - by Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) 
  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey - by Newark International Airport (EWR)
  • Fort Custer Training Center, Michigan - by Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)

ABC News video -
The video is using dated information, we knew about all of these stories weeks ago. ABC has included them as their evidence. The video is informative for those who are just now trying to come up to speed. We strongly disagree with the supposed death rate and death toll, and believe it is MUCH higher, apparently ABC was unwilling to share those other film clips from doctors, nurses, health works and crematoriums that have categorically stated China has been massively lying about these figures. (Link)

Virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica
- (Link)

Less then 500 people actually tested in the US
- "Soon" there will be new test kits, but nobody knows what "soon" is, or how many will test positive. Private testing is about $3000 billed (price gouging already). (Link)

700 guests in lockdown, Canary Islands
- (Link)

14% of recovered coronavirus patients in China's Guangdong tested positive again
- (Link)

Coronavirus: Dozens allowed off Japan virus-hit ship have 'symptoms'
- (Link)

- Reports escalting spread very quickly, estimated 50+ countries now including Germany, Croatia, Spain, France, Algeria, Bahrain, South Korea (US military), Kuwait, Brazil, Canary Islands, Canada, Switzerland, Oman, Pakistan, Georgia, Sweden (and all the other countries already posted). Strangely, the WHO still has not declared a pandemic (proof they are a political organization and do what they're told).

Michigan Monitors 500+, Diamond Princess Ship 600+ Infected, 18 Dead in Iran, parts of Italy & Hong Kong on Lockdown, over 6000 in California & Washington, Red Alert in South Korea, cases spreading in Canada
- Hour by hour, country by country, the pandemic is spreading faster and faster. The US is NOT informing the public on the rate of spread within the United States. City after city around the world are now having to quarantine their own citizens. The "China disease" is now worldwide and absolutely unstoppable. (Link)

9,300 people to be quarantined in South Korea
- There's a growing problem with the news reporting on the coronavirus, this should be in the headlines, but it's not. (Link)

Why Hasn't the WHO (World Health Organization) Declared A Global Pandemic?
- The WHO is a political organization, not a medical organization. Decisions, actions, policy and response will be political (money). Many countries around the world are deeply dissapointed at the WHO "response" and have learned too late that the WHO isn't able to stop the pandemic. At this point, nobody can stop this now. Individual countries need to make their own decisions on how to respond. We advise everyone to STAY HOME at this point.

Recovered? Think again - Chinese medical expert warns recovered coronavirus patients may still be contagious
- (Link)

China sends in top investigators after coronavirus erupts in jails
- More then 500 fall ill. (Link) There are also now 9 deaths in Iran. (Link)

Coronavirus Outbreak in China 10 Times Worse than Reported?
- Watch the video if you can, sobering, shocking. (Link)

Six cases in British Columbia
- One woman caught the virus in Iran. It's been claimed that there are at least 20 deaths in Iran now. (Link)

Coronavirus-infected Americans flown home against CDC’s advice
- (Link)

Suppressing the news
- This has been a huge part of the problem with public information for over two months, but this has kicked into high gear now, with thousands engaged in online censorship. The 1300 online "censors" has also been reported elsewhere. (Link)

How it spread in China (animated image) - If the image doesn't animate, refresh your browser window. (Link)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary - February 13, 2020 "The potential public health threat posed by COVID-19 virus is high, both globally and to the United States. The fact that this virus has caused illness, including illness resulting in death, and sustained person-to-person spread in China is concerning. These factors meet two of the criteria of a pandemic."

We are NOT trying to spread fear, sticking to the published facts.
Something is seriously wrong with the official reaction (especially in China), the hundreds of leaked videos depicting sheer terror, panic and pleas for help, along with videos of hundreds of dead bodies, cremations, door to door sweeps, entire buildings being locked up with people inside, doors being blocked, converted stadiums into "hospitals", barricades, road blocks and many, many more videos, including massive levels of farm animals starving to death, farmers dumping their food and many more.

The shocking human rights abuses in China DEFY imagination and adequate description - tens of thousands of people being rounded up like cattle, beaten, arrested, starved, locked in and disappeared. Reports of mass burials and extermination are leaking out of China. 250,000,000 people are now quarantined, and some large cities (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) are now confiscating real estate, supplies, cars, buildings and equipment. The incredible massive crackdown of hundreds of millions of people as entire cities housing millions of people are put on quarantine, versus the "official" rate of infections, deaths and "cured" simply does not match up.

NOTHING reconciles the massive discrepency so far (reaction vs rates of infection / deaths), other then it's just way, way worse then being officially reported. Hundreds of millions of people do not go into quarantine over the official death rate (quarantine started very early with less then 100 deaths reported). Defacto martial law has been declared in China throughout infected regions. US military is mobilzing to deal with US infections here. China's economy may collapse.

5400 self-quarantined by officials in California
- (Link) "More than 5,400 people had been asked to self-quarantine in California alone as of Feb. 14, according to the California Department of Public Health. Hundreds more are self-quarantining in Georgia, Washington state, Illinois, New York and other states." And this tidbit - despite published "assurances" that anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms will be tested for the virus, we know that is NOT happening as claimed. One very sick lady with all of the correct symptoms for the virus went to the hospital TWICE and they twice refused to test for the virus (Pullman, WA) and sent her back home. She had just returned from an international conference and multiple connecting flights.

34 Days and 94 Days Before Testing Positive
- This is bad, some people are testing positive WAY beyond the 14 day limit currently being used for quarantine. (Link)

2000+ Officially Have Died - While we do not trust the official numbers (at all), they're still creeping up higher and higher. (Link)

There are thousands of heartbreaking stories pouring out of China
- This is the story of what it's like to be fighting the virus directly in the hospital, as told by a doctor. Understaffed, underequipped, no medications, bureaucracy and incompetence, and thousands of sick and dying, unable to cope with the magnitude of the crisis. (Link)

Rate of infection -
Patients in critical condition, 49% died. Patients more than 80 years old, the fatality rate can be as high as 14.8%. 4.7% of infected patients across China are in critical condition. 13.8% of patients are in severe condition, meaning difficulty breathing, low oxygen uptake, multiple lung lesions or other clinical circumstances requiring hospitalization. (Link). Unfortunately, this study does not account for the actual death rate (many thousands have gone unreported) and should not be considered entirely accurate for this reason.

No Immunity, Reinfection and Fatal Heart Attacks from Coronavirus
- (Link) “It’s highly possible to get infected a second time. A few people recovered from the first time by their own immune system, but the meds they use are damaging their heart tissue, and when they get it the second time, the antibody doesn’t help but makes it worse, and they die a sudden death from heart failure.” This claim will need to be better sourced and documented, but it bears mentioning. Reinfection is a topic not well understood.

Japanese tourist may have spread coronavirus to Hawaii
- (Link)

5 U.S. cities to start testing patients with flu-like symptoms for coronavirus
- (Link)

400,000 Brits could die if coronavirus sweeps UK uncontrolled, leading expert warns
- (Link)

N. Korean official who sneaked into public bath during COVID-19 quarantine shot dead
- (Link)

Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus
- (Link)

US military prepping for coronavirus pandemic
- Executive order instructs the US military to initiate pandemic plans for the United States. "Department of Defense Global Campaign plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases 3551-13." (Link)

Animals are being sacrified, burnt alive, buried alive and clubbed to death
- I've seen many videos now of both chickens, chicks, and swine being buried alive or burned alive, and now there are videos leaking out from China of dogs being clubbed to death. (Link)

The Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is Highly Contagious and More Infectious Than Initially Estimated
- This is bad: "We further show that quarantine and contact tracing of symptomatic individuals alone may not be effective and early, strong control measures are needed to stop transmission of the virus." (Link)

Could the new coronavirus really kill 50 million people worldwide?
- (Link)

Coronavirus: Ninth case found in UK
- (Link)

China to take private property to fight coronavirus; Factories ordered to mass-produce body bags
- Millions of body bags to be produced. More information that doesn't match up with the official dead toll. (Link)

Funeral home in China reports huge numbers of bodies -
Listen to this all the way through (youtube video). 11 still functioning crematoriums operating at maximum capacity (18 crematoriums, some are now broken), picking up 127 bodies per day now, for nearly a month and half. Basic math reveals that is these numbers are factual, over 1,300+ bodies per day are being cremated, which translates into tens of thousands of deaths already. (Link)

Reporter's Notebook: Life and death in a Wuhan coronavirus ICU
- Good informative article on infections, severity, quarantine essentials. (Link)

Coronovirus now reported to have a 24 day incubation period -
If accurate, this means the millions of people that fled and were released from ships, trains, planes could be carriers still. (Link)

Google Maps
- tracking the spread, still rapidly spreading around the world (Link)

China deaths from Coronavirus officially over 900 now
- (Link) Now over 1000 just hours later.

Coronavirus may have infected 500,000 in Wuhan by peak in coming weeks
- (Link)

China confirms Coronavirus aerosol transmission
- (Link) At a press conference held in Shanghai, health and epidemic prevention experts confirmed that in addition to direct transmission and contact transmission, the transmission route of new crown pneumonia also includes "aerosol transmission". The difference between aerosol and droplet transmission is the distance of transmission. Both droplets and contact infections occur within close range, while aerosols travel long distances, increasing the risk of contactless infection.

Death Penalty for violating quarantine rules
- (Link)

US legal authority to impose quarantine
- (Link)

The Coronavirus has been known for a long time to be a "time bomb" - (Link)

A Chinese "whistleblower" (nurse) has come forward and claimed there are already 90,000 infected CLEAR BACK ON JANUARY 26TH
(Link). Many "whistleblowers" now face arrest (Link). This could be true and would then account for the incredible response shown by China since then. Westerners have reason to be particularly worried, because our response is nothing like what China has tried to do (and failed). Nobody knows how far or how long this will spread, and actual vaccine (if there ever is one) is considered to be months away.

1.5 million cases, 50,000 deaths
- Allegedly, this is the real number being hidden from the world, with over 1200 bodies being burned per day. I don't know how accurate this is, but there is something rather strange going on in Wuhan with extremely high sulfur dioxide levels being measured (burning of organic matter). (Link 1) (Link 2). Oddly, ALL of the highly infected areas are now showing elevated levels (Wuhan, Shanghai, Bejing). (Link 3)

US Military preparing quarantine centers for coronavirus patients in US, Pentagon says - Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. (Link)

Death Toll Climbs to 722 (officially) - (Link) They're also reporting 17 now in North America.

Coronavirus: panic buying shows no sign of ending in Hong Kong as shoppers urge government to try to restore public’s confidence
- (Link)

New Report on 138 Coronavirus Cases Reveals Disturbing Details -
(Link) “super-spreaders” infecting huge numbers of other people, sometimes dozens.

The "unknown" death rate - The rate of infections is thousands per day. The number of discharged patients (survivors) being reported is mere hundreds.

Example (Link) - Cumulative new cases of pneumonia in Zhejiang have broken thousands, Wenzhou City has 421 cases
Zhejiang Health Commission 2020-02-07 09:01:41
As of 24:00 on February 6, Zhejiang Province had reported a total of 1006 confirmed cases of pneumonia due to new coronavirus infection, 72 cases of severe cases (including 21 critical cases), and a total of 98 discharged patients. According to the Zhejiang Health and Health Committee, at 02:00 on February 6, 2020, Zhejiang Province reported 52 new confirmed cases of pneumonia and 17 new discharged patients

Example #2 (Link) - As of 24:00 on February 7, 2020, Hubei Province has reported 24953 cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infections , including: 13603 cases in Wuhan, 2313 cases in Xiaogan City, 2041 cases in Huanggang City, 953 cases in Suizhou City, and 941 cases in Jingzhou City. 907 cases in Xiangyang City, 703 cases in Huangshi City, 633 cases in Yichang City, 588 cases in Jingmen City, 569 cases in Ezhou City, 476 cases in Xianning City, 438 cases in Shiyan City, 359 cases in Xiantao City, 179 cases in Tianmen City, and 160 cases in Enshi 80 cases in Qianjiang City and 10 cases in Shennongjia Forest District. 1,115 patients have been cured and discharged. There were 699 deaths, including: 545 in Wuhan, 2 in Huangshi, 5 in Xiangyang, 8 in Yichang, 11 in Jingzhou, 18 in Jingmen, 20 in Ezhou, 26 in Xiaogan, and 36 in Huanggang. , 2 in Xianning, 9 in Suizhou, 5 in Xiantao, 10 in Tianmen, and 2 in Qianjiang. At present , 19835 cases are still being treated in the hospital , of which 4188 cases are critically ill and 1,007 cases are critically ill. They are all under isolation treatment at designated medical institutions. A total of 114,044 close contacts have been tracked, and 67,802 people are still undergoing medical observation.

This type of reporting is very wide-spread and only tracks confirmed patients (does not include the millions of people confined to their homes). Confirmed patients vastly exceeds discharged patients. Very few patients are being discharged.

Coronavirus can last 9 days on surfaces
- "Cold and high humidity increase their lifespan even further," Günter Kampf from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the University Medical Center in Greifswald warned. (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

Coronavirus quarantines cruise ship -
"floating prison" (Link)

Two citizen journalists documenting virus outbreak go missing
- A lot of the videos we've been able to see came from them. (Link)

Cruise ship passengers arrive in New Jersey, some passengers have developed pulmonary infections and are to be quarantined
- (Link)

Animation of virus spreading
- (Link)

John Hopkins world map of infection
- (Link)

Predictions of 50,000 Chinese cases per day
- Good video (Professor Neil Ferguson) on what they're expecting now, definitely a global epidemic (Link)

Did pangolins spread the China coronavirus to people? - (Link 1) (Link 2)

Japan finds 41 more cases on ship as virus alarm doctor dies - (Link)

Wuhan is told to round up infected residents for mass quarantine camps - Well, maybe there is something to the so-called "kill" order. The New York Times reports "A senior Chinese official has ordered the authorities in the city of Wuhan to immediately round up all residents who have been infected with the coronavirus and place them in isolation, quarantine or designated hospitals." (Link)

Official death toll passes 600 -

Videos, massive fumigating efforts in the streets
- (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

Pharmacy wrapped in plastic
- (Link)

Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths
- The number of dead was astronomically higher, reported at 24,589 on February 1, 2020. Allegedly, this "mis-reporting" has happened three other times. (Link) (Update: This is probably faked by modifying the underlying code in the page)

U.S. readies for coronavirus pandemic some experts now see as Likely - (Link)

New hospital is more like a prison - Video shows bars on the windows, isolation wards and reportedly plans to creamate the bodies. (Link). Many more vids at this link.

The "Official" latest figures on the virus outbreak - Vastly different numbers then what others allege. (Link)

Recombinomics - Dr. Niman's virus reports. (Link)

China expands coronavirus outbreak lockdown to 56 million people - (Link)

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak - Examining the connections. (Link)