Why Not Wise Foods?

We have elected to not carry Wise Food for these reasons:Wise Food - Not your best choice!

1) Careful investigation of the products, selection, prices, claims and marketing revealed serious inaccuracies. We've opted not to carry this line.

2) Advertised shelf life is wildly inaccurate. Wise Foods does not pack their food with oxygen absorbers, resulting in dramatically shortened shelf life. See #4 for further details and independent laboratory verification.

3) Advertised claims on how long the food will last are grossly inaccurate. Calories are massively insufficient for published lengths of time. This is a absolutely huge problem. Essential calories for the published times are over 4.5 times too short. To achieve proper nutrition, you would be required to buy as many as 4.5 times more units then claimed making this food incredibly expensive.

Sample review found online:

"I purchased a two bucket kit from this company. Upon reading the calorie contents of each kit, i realized that what they advertised as a 4 month supply of food for one person, was actually something more like a 1.8 month kit of food for one person.

If you do a quick search on how many calories one needs to have per day to live, you will see that it is right around 1200 plus or minus per day for a man or woman. The kits, state they have 120 servings each. One is breakfast items (120) and the other is more like stews etc. (120).

If you look at the per day total of calories between the breakfast and 2nd meal, it comes up to an average of about 490 calories per day.

One may be able to live on 490 calories per day for a little while, but very probably not even near 4 months, or even 2.

I contacted the company about this and they never replied.

(Actual calorie requirements per day are MUCH higher than these figures! 2300 - 2900 for men and women leading an active lifestyle. The Wise "4 month unit" above would only last 22 days). See our Food Calculator for further details on calorie requirements.

4) Oxygen levels are very high. Mountain House (Oregon Freeze Dry, the largest freeze drying company in the industry) commissioned an independent laboratory to test Wise Food. What they found was shocking. Wise Foods contained an average of 18% oxygen, 110 times higher then comparable Mountain House products. The main contributors to food spoilage are water, heat, light, and oxygen.

Wise Food Oxygen Test - Proof of Short Shelf Life!

Some IMPORTANT links relative to 3rd party lab testing, packaging properties, and their results (must read).

Oxygen Test Results: Leading Storable Food Brands

Moisture Penetration at End of Stated Shelf Life

Barrier Testing of Pouch Products

Columbia Laboratories Testing of Wise Food pouches

5) The taste is terrible. Wise Foods uses a lot of sodium. A single serving is 38% - 42% of the daily recommended allowance! There are many very negative reviews found online.

Sample review found online:

Opened this up yesterday and tried 4 of the meals with some of my coworkers (3 other men in my office area). All of them said it was either not good or not edible and the majority of the meals had a chemical aftertaste. I plan on returning this as it isn't worth keeping, if I was given it for free I would keep it but that is about it. Also I am VERY concerned with the shelf life claim of 25 years. These cheap thin plastic bags ARE NOT good quality mylar bags which s what you need for real shelf life. The company says to store at 50 degrees for best shelf life. Who in the world is going to have that capability? People saying "sure this isn't gourmet but hey its cheap per serving" are probably employees of Wise Foods. Seeing all of these compromises (and the long ingredient dec) makes me question the company who makes this. They are clearly trying to be the Ford Pinto of food storage and are doing a good job of it.

Here are the meal by meal reviews:

Teryaki with Rice: Slight chemical aftertaste, rice was the largest item in the meal, the carrot pieces and the fake meat were smaller than the grains of rice which seems kind of crazy. Overall 2 stars out of 5 stars rating here.

Pasta Alfredo: Rank/rancid smell of milk. Manufacture date of 11/08/2011 (less than 2 months old) so it is not old product. Strong chemical taste, noodles were nice and long, not something you see often in emergency food. Overall star ranking of 2.5 stars out of 5.

Chili Macaroni: Again a funny chemical taste, not as strong as the Pasta Alfredo. Sauce has a very tomato-ey base which I thought was not right for a Chili Mac like I have had from competitors. This meal did seems to struggle to break apart and mix in well. I had several bites where clumps of dry sauce (which hadnt reconstituted) overpowered your mouth.

Savory Stroganoff: No real chemical aftertaste here. Very runny which is kind of surprising considering stroganoffs are typically very hearty. Flavor wasn't bad but wasn't good either. I have had MUCH better beef stroganoffs from other food companies.

6) Their pouches are not resealable.

7 Poor variety of only 8 or 10 selections. This would get very repetitive in just a few days of eating. We can't even begin to imagine how tortorous this would be to eat for a month or longer. Food variety is very important and also has a large impact upon nutrition and health (how you feel, energy levels, ability to stay healthy).

8) Very low calories. We simply can't say enough about this massive problem. None of their units offer sufficient calories to keep you healthy and energetic for the advertised time frame they are supposed to support. They really are the "starvation units" that we warn about on our price comparison page. Low calories mean they won't last anywhere near the terms advertised because you will eat what your body requires much faster than advertised. None of their units will live up to the advertised time, they will last less then 1/3 of the time advertised.

9) Price is FAR higher than we are for better products. Wise Foods resorts to heavy saturation advertising and paid promoters. The reasons for this is obvious: their price is over twice as high as our better quality products from Survival Cave and Mountain House.

Wise Foods vs. Food Assets

Wise Foods Comparison Their PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
Wise Food 360 Serving Unit$759$399$360!
Wise Food 720 Serving Unit$1479$779$700!
Wise Food 1080 Serving Unit$2249$1049$1200!
Wise Food 1440 Serving Unit$2799$1399$1400!
Wise Food 2160 Serving Unit$4199$2099$2100!
Wise Food 2880 Serving Unit$4999$2599$2400!
Wise Food 4320 Serving Unit$6999$3799$3200!

Overall, Wise Food is overpriced low quality food with a poor shelf life. It is not real food storage food in our opinion and should never be considered such. We choose to carry only the best products because quality, taste, shelf life, and selection matter - especially when you are depending on our products in times of need.

10) Nobody wants to belatedly discover that their food storage doesn't work when they need it. That would be like having your insurance policy canceled when you had to make a claim. All those years you paid out with your hard earned money (or stored your food) are now wasted because your insurance company doesn't offer you the promised quality coverage when you most need it.

It does make you wonder what past customers are going to do about their previous investment. Our suggestion is to eat it or give it away – and replace it with better food. We’ve been saying for this for years — don’t skimp. Buy once, no regrets. Don’t think you are going to “survive” on just the basics or on highly repetitive meals and be satisfied. Food storage can be quite enjoyable — if bought correctly and according to your dietary tastes and needs. Food fatigue and highly repetitive meals will quickly turn a bad decision into a costly and sometimes, catastrophic mistake.