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AquaBrick Water Filtration System by Kelly Kettle

The AquaBrick water filtration system is both a water storage and purification solution for emergencies and backup storage.

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Product Details

Kelly Kettle AquaBrick Water Filtration System

The AquaBrick Water Filtration System will deliver reliable and safe drinking water within minutes. This system comes with two AquaBrick water storage containers, which can each store up to 3 gallons of water individually, for a total of 6 gallons of water on hand.

The DuraFlo water filter used in the AquaBrick Water Filtration System has been extensively tested and certified by indepenent water laboratories to establish the filter's "end of life" for the removal of viruses, bacteria, giardia and over 118 unique toxins and chemicals that are considered unsafe for drinking. The DraFlo filter uses a proprietary filtration method that will purify over 550 gallons of contaminated water for the removal of viruses; and 700 gallons of contaminated water for the removal of bacteria, giardia and other toxins.

Easy to use: simply fill the AquaBrick with water, and insert the DuraFlo water filter into the AquaBrick. Use the included hand pump to pressurize the AquaBrick, and safe purified water will quickly dispense from the spigot.

Kit includes:

  • 2 AquaBrick Containers
  • 1 DuraFlo Water Filter Filter (treats 550 gallons)
  • 1 hand pump
  • 1 spigot
  • tubing
  • 1 AquaFunnel

Product details:

  • Made of BPA Free High Density/High Impact Polyethylene Plastic
  • Empty Brick Weight: 2.36 Lbs / 1.07 Kg
  • Volume: 3 Gallons / 11.35 Liters
  • Dimensions: 9"W x 18"L x 6"H / 22.86 cm x 45.72 cm x 15.24 cm