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Pilot Crackers, 6 cans by Mountain House

A pilot cracker is like a cookie, and can be eaten as-is or used in a wide number of ways with additional toppings. A trail favorite!







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Mountain House Pilot Crackers

Pilot bread crackers are a trail favorite - and widely used in the bush. Great when paired with peanut butter, cheese spread, cottage cheese or jams! Unlike the standard crackers that you'd find at any ordinary grocery store, our Pilot Crackers are freeze dried, meaning they won't become stale in a short period of time.

  • 62 crackers per can
  • A great staple food for your emergency food kits
  • #10 cans are enamel coated inside and out
  • Made in USA

Shelf Life

  • 30 year taste guarantee!
  • Longest proven shelf life in the industry.
  • Store in cool dark place to maximize shelf life.