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2 Person 1 Year Emergency Food Kit

Rainy Day 2 Person 1 year Super Pack! Rainy Day dehydrated food staples and Mountain House Freeze Dried entrees are a great combination offering you the very best in emergency food storage.





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Product Details

2 Person 1 year Super Pack Emergency Food Supply
with Mountain House & Rainy Day

Unit Details:

  • Dehydrated Food and Freeze Dried Food
  • Contains food from Mountain House and Rainy Day
  • 289 #10 Cans w/Lids
  • 60 lbs of Honey
  • Requires 57.1 cubic feet of storage space


Want the Very Best? Can't Decide? Need a GREAT DEAL? This is an absolutely HUGE VARIETY Premium unit designed to feed 2 people for 1 year!

This is a fantastic storable food package offering breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees that are easily prepared, and are nutritious, and delicious! Our products also have the best shelf life in the food industry!

You don't have to skimp on this unit! Forget food fatigue or going without! This ultimate package is the perfect answer for any long term emergency!

Food Kit Facts!

  • Our Food Kits are nearly TWICE the size of competitors!
  • More calories, more servings, guaranteed to last as long as advertised!
  • We offer REAL food for REAL emergencies!
  • Read Why We Do Not Recommend Survival Food Buckets!
  • Food stored in hard-sided cans offers the best shelf-life guarantee.
  • Wholesome food with a large variety offers great meal preparation!
  • "Food kits" in pouches have small servings and very low calories, and won't last anywhere near their advertised claims.
  • Pouch kits are VERY expensive (2 - 4 kits are required to meet actual real-life nutritional needs).
  • Compare the facts! Storable Food Scams!
  • We are the most experienced food storage company in the industry.

Substitutions / Deletion Allowed!

Also excellent as a large group kit (any group size from 15 - 75 people) based on 2000 calories per person / per day. This kit will meet facility and institutional requirements for emergency food storage for large groups.
2Rainy Day Hard Red Wheat 88 oz, (6) size 10 cans7830097800
4Van Drunen Farms Corn Super Sweet Freeze Dried 20 oz. size 10 can01127616
4Van Drunen Farms Garden Peas Freeze Dried 18 oz. size 10 can01047696
2Rainy Day Tomato Powder 68 oz, size 10 can1227612420
1Rainy Day Sprout Seed Alfalfa 88 oz, size 10 can788880
2Rainy Day Rice White long 88 oz, (6) size 10 cans78660105600
2Rainy Day Real Salt Natural 128 oz, size 10 can18 0
1Rainy Day Potato Dices 36 oz, (6) size 10 cans2021622032
1Rainy Day Split Green Peas 92 oz, (6) size 10 cans4317458290
2Rainy Day Chopped Onions 40 oz, size 10 can85689656
1Rainy Day Regular Rolled Oats 40 oz, (6) size 10 cans2125226208
1Rainy Day Quick Rolled Oats 40 oz, (6) size 10 cans2125226208
4Rainy Day Instant non fat Milk 60 oz, (6) size 10 cans1161776142080
2Rainy Day Honey Grade A white liquid 6 - 5 lb pails, 30 lb60129682944
1Rainy Day Super Nutty Granola 48 oz, (6) size 10 cans2114932780
1Rainy Day Apple Slices 17 oz, (6) size 10 cans141209240
1Rainy Day Cornmeal Yellow 72 oz, (6) size 10 cans3335044100
3Rainy Day Cheddar Cheese Powder, 51 oz, size 10 can1224025440
4Rainy Day Carrot Dices, 38 oz, size 10 can1620414688
3Rainy Day Small White Navy Beans 90 oz, size 10 can217225920
2Rainy Day Pinto Beans 84 oz, (6) size 10 cans76336116592
1Rainy Day Lentils 88 oz, (6) size 10 cans39535181365
1Rainy Day Barley Pearl 92 oz, (6) size 10 cans3915052800
1Mountain House Sweet & Sour Pork w/Rice, (6) size 10 cans06017400
2Mountain House Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, (6) size 10 cans012027600
1Mountain House Raspberry Crumble, (6) size 10 cans07210800
2Mountain House Pilot Crackers, (6) size 10 cans074444640
1Mountain House Pasta Primavera, (6) size 10 cans06615180
1Mountain House Vegetable Stew w/Beef, (6) size 10 cans05410800
1Mountain House Rice & Chicken, (6) size 10 cans06016200
1Mountain House Noodles & Chicken, (6) size 10 cans07215840
1Mountain House Diced Chicken, Cooked, (6) size 10 cans08414280
1Mountain House Beef Stroganoff, (6) size 10 cans06015600
1Mountain House Mexican Rice with Chicken, (6) size 10 cans06012600
1Mountain House Macaroni & Cheese, (6) size 10 cans05417280
1Mountain House Lasagna w/meat sauce, (6) size 10 cans06014400
2Mountain House Granola w/Blueberries & milk, (6) size 10 cans024060000
1Mountain House Chili Mac w/ Beef, (6) size 10 cans06013800
1Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki, (6) size 10 cans06013200
1Mountain House Chicken Stew, (6) size 10 cans06013800
1Mountain House Chicken ala King, (6) size 10 cans06618480
1Mountain House Breakfast Skillet, (6) size 10 cans06024000
2Mountain House Beef Stew, (6) size 10 cans012022800
1Mountain House Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon, (6) size 10 cans07817940
Totals:289 75310,5401,518,995