1 Year to 4 Year Kits

1 Year Standard Emergency Food Supply by Rainy Day Foods

1 Year Survival Food. Low cost dehydrated food is shelf stable for decades, providing long term food security for any emergency or need.





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Product Details

1 year 1 person Emergency Food Supply

Unit Details:

  • Dehydrated Food
  • 66 #10 Cans w/Lids
  • 6 #2.5 Can w/Lids
  • Requires 12.8 cubic feet of storage space

This is a versatile and economical emergency food supply, perfect for those who are just starting out with their home storage plans. Contains both #10 cans and #2.5 cans, which are easy to store and boast a superb shelf life. This unit also includes the excellent "New Cookin' with Home Storage" cookbook!

Compare our food kits for weight, size and calories against our competitors! Kits from Food Assets are bigger, with more food at a lower price! We offer real food for real people for real emergencies. Food preparations you can count on!

The foods in this 12 Case Kit are all dehydrated and in this compact form will store well and take up a minimum amount of storage space. This 345 lb 12 case unit requires a storage area of 11 cubic feet (7 feet by 12.5 inches by 18.5 inches). You add to this package: Four gallons cooking oil for your fatty acid requirements (See note 2 below.) As oil doesn't store over long periods of time, purchase this item every year and rotate it in and out of your food supply.

Rainy Day Foods produces some of the highest quality nutritious food available for over 60 years. Long lasting with a great shelf life, without the added ingredients or additives found in inferior brands.

Food Kit Facts!

  • Our Food Kits are nearly TWICE the size of competitors!
  • More calories, more servings, guaranteed to last as long as advertised!
  • We offer REAL food for REAL emergencies!
  • Read Why We Do Not Recommend Survival Food Buckets!
  • Food stored in hard-sided cans offers the best shelf-life guarantee.
  • Wholesome food with a large variety offers great meal preparation!
  • "Food kits" in pouches have small servings and very low calories, and won't last anywhere near their advertised claims.
  • Pouch kits are VERY expensive (2 - 4 kits are required to meet actual real-life nutritional needs).
  • Compare the facts! Storable Food Scams!
  • We are the most experienced food storage company in the industry.

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1Rainy Day Applesauce 46 oz, size 10 can4444708
1Rainy Day Apple Slices 17 oz, size 10 can3201540
2Rainy Day Banana Slices 36 oz, size 10 can67210584
1Rainy Day Peach Flavored Apple Flakes 40 oz, size 10 can4403880
1Rainy Day Strawberry Flavored Apple Flakes 40 oz, size 10 can4403880
1Rainy Day Green Beans 20 oz, size 10 can3401720
1Rainy Day Carrot Dices, 38 oz, size 10 can4513672
1Rainy Day Corn Super Sweet 40 oz, size 10 can4409840
1Rainy Day Garden Sweet Peas 49 oz, size 10 can4994554
1Rainy Day Chopped Onions 40 oz, size 10 can42844828
1Rainy Day Tomato Powder 68 oz, size 10 can61386210
2Rainy Day Vegetable Stew Blend 33 oz, size 10 can61346030
1Rainy Day Potato Dices 36 oz, size 10 can4363672
1Rainy Day Potato Hashbrowns 27 oz, size 10 can3182826
2Rainy Day Potato Granules 88 oz, size 10 can1417618480
2Rainy Day Instant non fat Milk 60 oz, (6) size 10 cans5888871040
1Rainy Day Shortening Powder 44 oz, size 10 can41789078
1Rainy Day Cheese Blend 65 oz, size 10 can51027752
1Rainy Day Eggs Mix 48 oz, size 10 can4967392
1Rainy Day Eggs Whole 48 oz, size 10 can. 108 Eggs4978148
1Rainy Day White Cream Sauce 53 oz, size 10 can5609600
1Rainy Day Margarine Powder 44 oz, size 10 can41789434
1Rainy Day Chicken Flavored TVP 33 oz, size 10 can3333168
2Rainy Day Beef Flavored TVP 40 oz, size 10 can8808160
1Rainy Day Taco Flavored TVP 56 oz, size 10 can5569240
1Rainy Day Bacon Flavored TVP 36 oz, size 10 can41703570
1Rainy Day Sausage Flavored TVP 40 oz, size 10 can4404600
1Rainy Day Cornmeal Yellow 72 oz, size 10 can6587308
1Rainy Day Germade Cream of Wheat 73 oz, size 10 can6467360
1Rainy Day Spaghetti 51 oz, size 10 can5265486
1Rainy Day Refried Beans 40 oz, size 10 can4272835
2Rainy Day Elbow Macaroni 50 oz, size 10 can105010550
1Rainy Day Small Red Beans 90 oz, size 10 can7269100
1Rainy Day Small White Navy Beans 90 oz, size 10 can7248640
1Rainy Day Pinto Beans 84 oz, size 10 can7248328
3Rainy Day Rice White long 88 oz, size 10 can2116526400
1Rainy Day 6 Way Rolled Grain 48 oz, size 10 can4244704
1Rainy Day Barley Pearl 92 oz, size 10 can7258800
2Rainy Day 9 Grain Cracked Cereal 69 oz, size 10 can129213248
2Rainy Day Quick Rolled Oats 40 oz, size 10 can8848736
1Rainy Day Peach Drink - vitamin blend 105 oz, size 10 can710311536
1Rainy Day Popcorn Yellow 96 oz, size 10 can7969600
1Rainy Day Hot Chocolate Cocoa 92 oz, size 10 can711411400
1Rainy Day Black Turtle Beans 90 oz, (size 10) can76821216
2Rainy Day 16 Bean Mix 84 oz, size 10 can145217004
1Rainy Day You Can Have Your Food Storage & Eat It Too Book1  
1Rainy Day Bouillon Beef, 29 oz, 2.5 can33290
1Rainy Day Bouillon Chicken, 31 oz, 2.5 can34110
2Rainy Day Salt Iodized 32 oz, 2.5 can63040
1Rainy Day Baking Soda 32 oz, 2.5 can31600
1Rainy Day Baking Powder Rumford 30 oz, 2.5 can23200
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