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14 Day Emergency Food Supply

  • Emergency food supply for two weeks for 1 person.
  • Long shelf life (decades).
  • Includes fruits, vegetables, staples, and more, all for a great variety!





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Product Details

14 Day Emergency Food Supply for 1 Person

Updated 2/12/20
Unit Details:
  • Rainy Day Dehydrated Food
  • 6 #10 Cans w/Lids
  • 1 #2.5 Cans w/Lids
  • 264 servings
  • 2201 Calories Per Day!

Two weeks of emergency food preparations, ready when you are for any emergency! This has a great variety of different foods with easy preparation. Packaged in air-tight shelf stable cans to ensure fantastic shelf life!

Rainy Day Foods produces some of the highest quality nutritious food available for over 60 years. Long lasting with a great shelf life, without the added ingredients or additives found in inferior brands.

Floor space required: 1.5' x 1.5' x 1'

Food Kit Facts!

  • Our Food Kits are nearly TWICE the size of competitors!
  • More calories, more servings, guaranteed to last as long as advertised!
  • We offer REAL food for REAL emergencies!
  • Food stored in hard-sided cans offers the best shelf-life guarantee.
  • Wholesome food with a large variety offers great meal preparation!
  • "Food kits" in pouches have small servings and very low calories, and won't last anywhere near their advertised claims.
  • Pouch kits are VERY expensive (2 - 4 kits are required to meet actual real-life nutritional needs).
  • Compare the facts! Storable Food Scams!
  • We are the most experienced food storage company in the industry.

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