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2 Month Emergency Food Supply, by Rainy Day Foods

2 Month Emergency Food Supply. Dehydrated emergency food in a compact two month kit (60 days of emergency food security!).





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Rainy Day 2 Month Emergency Food Supply for 1 Person

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Unit Details:

  • Dehydrated Food
  • 18 #10 Cans w/Lids
  • 12 #2.5 Can w/Lids
  • 130,025 Total Calories
  • Requires 5.3 cubic feet of storage space

Our 2 Month Kit, although very inexpensive, supplies almost all the nutrients you need to stay healthy for 60 days. The foods are all dehydrated or dry and in this compact form will store well and take up a minimum amount of storage space.

Rainy Day Foods produces some of the highest quality nutritious food available for over 60 years. Long lasting with a great shelf life, without the added ingredients or additives found in inferior brands.

Storage area required: 3 1/2 cubic feet.

Food Kit Facts!

  • Our Food Kits are nearly TWICE the size of competitors!
  • More calories, more servings, guaranteed to last as long as advertised!
  • We offer REAL food for REAL emergencies!
  • Read Why We Do Not Recommend Survival Food Buckets!
  • Food stored in hard-sided cans offers the best shelf-life guarantee.
  • Wholesome food with a large variety offers great meal preparation!
  • "Food kits" in pouches have small servings and very low calories, and won't last anywhere near their advertised claims.
  • Pouch kits are VERY expensive (2 - 4 kits are required to meet actual real-life nutritional needs).
  • Compare the facts! Storable Food Scams!
  • We are the most experienced food storage company in the industry.

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1Rainy Day Cheese Blend 16 oz, 2.5 can2251900
1Rainy Day Eggs Ova Easy Eggs 13 oz, 2.5 can239.39392363.64
1Rainy Day Orange Drink - vitamin blend 25 oz, 2.5 can2252750
1Rainy Day Apple Drink - vitamin blend 25 oz, 2.5 can2273024
1Van Drunen Farms Garden Peas Freeze Dried 5 oz. 2.5 can17518
1Van Drunen Farms Green Beans Freeze Dried 1.8 oz. 2.5 can17175
1Rainy Day Taco Flavored TVP 12 oz, 2.5 can1121980
2Rainy Day White Cream Sauce 16 oz, 2.5 can4365760
1Rainy Day Banana Pudding Instant 22 oz, 2.5 can2112530
1Van Drunen Farms Corn Super Sweet Freeze Dried 4 oz. 2.5 can16408
1Rainy Day Chicken Flavored TVP 11 oz, 2.5 can1111056
1Rainy Day Potato Hashbrowns 27 oz, size 10 can3182826
1Rainy Day Germade Cream of Wheat 73 oz, size 10 can6467360
1Rainy Day Instant non fat Milk 60 oz, size 10 can5745920
1Rainy Day Quick Rolled Oats 40 oz, size 10 can4424368
1Rainy Day Buttermilk Pancake Mix 63 oz, size 10 can5276318
1Rainy Day Refried Beans 40 oz, size 10 can4272835
1Rainy Day Elbow Macaroni 50 oz, size 10 can5255275
1Rainy Day Creamy Potato Soup 56 oz, size 10 can5443696
1Rainy Day 9 Grain Cracked Cereal 69 oz, size 10 can6466624
1Rainy Day Banana Slices 36 oz, size 10 can3365292
1Rainy Day Apple Slices 17 oz, size 10 can3201540
1Rainy Day Rice Par Boiled 82 oz, size 10 can6508500
1Rainy Day Potato Butter Bits 48 oz size 10 can4856460
1Rainy Day ABC Soup Mix 84 oz. 10 can7422940
1Chicken Ala King 54.7 oz size 10 can by Rainy Day Foods4244800
1Broccoli Cheese Soup 54.4 oz can by Rainy Day Foods4315890
1Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, 50.2 oz can by Rainy Day Foods4305700
1Rainy Day Black Turtle Beans 90 oz, size 10 can76821216
 30 104941.394130,025