The best emergency food products from the nation's leading storable food manufacturers!

We only carry the BEST long term food suppliers with quality, proven products,
if they're not listed here, that's the reason!

Rainy Day Dehydrated Food

Rainy Day Foods has been the premiere dehydrated food supplier in the US for over 30 years. They carry a massive selection of storable food products with decades long shelf life. Ships UPS rates. Read more...

Mountain House Ships Free!Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food.

Mountain House is the world leader and pioneer in freeze dried food manufacturing. Used by the miltary, expeditions, and relief agencies. Mountain House entree meals are lightweight, tasty and easily prepared - just add water! Read more...

XMRE Ships Free! XMRE meals, entrees, military mre's

is an international company that manufactures, assembles and markets shelf stable food products. XMRE possesses decades of combined experience in the prepared food industry and for many years has been a supplier to militaries, international organizations, governments, and institutions around the world. Read more...

Easymeal Products Ships Free! Easymeal Logo

Easymeals are made by Mountain House, and are the perfect solution for meeting corporate, state, or federal emergency food compliance programs. These are large group sized meals, great to have on hand for businesses, meetings, hospitals, nursing homes, and more.

Van Drunen Farms Ships Free!Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit

Van Drunen Farms
is the premier manufacturer of freeze dried fruits and vegetables packaged in airtight #10 cans with a long term shelf life.

Survivor Industries Products Ships Free!Survivor Industries Survival Kits and Mainstay Food Rations

Survivor Industries Mainstay Food Rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F! Ideal emergency food rations and survival kits for vehicles, aircraft, boats, and other extreme conditions. Read more...

Kelly Kettle Cook Stoves Ships Free!Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

Kelly Kettle
cook stoves can be used anywhere! These lightweight stoves are capable of boiling hot water with just twigs in just minutes! Innovative design offers easy cooking and food preparation. Read more...

Super Spectrim Ships Free!Super Spectrim Vitamins and MineralsSuper Spectrim Advanced Nutrition offers the most scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals, and supplements used by athletes around the world. These are a great addition to your food storage preparations or daily use for health and nutrition. Read more...

Country Living Ships Free!Country Living Grain Mill Grinders and Accessories
The Country Living
Grain Mill is made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Used in homes, villages and businesses worldwide for reliable grinding of grains, nuts and beans. One of the very best grain grinders made today. Read more...