Freight Shipping / Freight Quotes

Freight quotes can be obtained for orders weighing over 300 lbs - minimum order weight

Please read:

A) Availability: Someone must be available to meet the truck and sign for the order. The driver will call ahead and make an appointment for delivery. There will be no delivery unless someone is physically there to sign for the shipment!

B) Size: The truck and trailer can be up to 70 ft long. Dead-ends, cul-de-sacs and hard to access areas may not be accessible. Failed deliveries can incur return shipping costs if the shipment has to be returned.

C) Residential deliveries: Orders will be on wrapped pallets and offloaded with a lift gate by the driver. Drivers will not unwrap pallets or move products inside. If they do, they can charge you $150 for this service. Drivers are supposed to call 24 hours in advance and schedule an appointment (they do not always do this, but 99% of the time they do).

D) Commercial deliveries: This must be an established business location with normal operating hours and a forklift and/or loading dock (no exceptions). Commercial freight drivers do not call for appointments. No commercial freight to home residences.

E) Delivery: Customers are responsible for any additional costs incurred if the freight company has problems with delivery, location, returns, change of address or commerical delivery when it is deemed residential delivery by the freight company.

F) Time: Freight shipments generally take longer than UPS by 1 to 2 weeks. We have no control over their delivery date or any routing issues or delays.

G) Inventory: The Bill of Lading (BOL) carried by the driver contains a total package count. You must report anything missing to the driver. This is the only way to make a claim if anything is missing.

H) Back orders: No back orders with freight shipments. Out of stock items are refunded back to your credit card.

I) Credit card: All freight shipments require a valid US credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) on file.

J) Additional charges: Freight quotes provided can be considered fair and accurate. Additional charges only happen when a customer changes the delivery address on the Bill of Lading or asks for special handling during delivery, or has failed to meet the truck or substantially modifies the shipping weight.

To obtain a freight quote, please provide:

  • An itemized order. A complete list of every item you are going to order (Item numbers and quantities). The best method is through our shopping cart (see steps below).
  • Make a finalized order. No changes once the order has been submitted (this will mess up the freight quote).
  • Specify whether this is a commercial shipping address or residential address.
  • The correct and complete shipping address. This is required to calculate the freight quote accurately.

Freight quotes are valid for 7 days.

Create an itemized order through our website:

1) Create an order on our site using our shopping cart. Add in all the items and quantities for your order.

2) Proceed to checkout selecting Check Payment option (you can still make a credit card payment)Make sure to click "Confirm your order". Our cart will send us a complete copy automatically and the order will now be recorded in your customer profile.

3) Send us an email at: informing us you would like a freight quote for the order. Be sure to specify residential or commercial freight.

4) We will arrange for a freight quote and email you back the order quote in writing. Be sure to check spam / junk folders for our email.

5) After receiving your freight quote, you can make payment by check or credit card.

A few pointers:

  • Best freight rates occur at 3500 lbs, and 5000 lbs. Increase weight to obtain the better rates. Lighter orders at 500 lbs or more will still be less then UPS rates.
  • Heavier weights are always better. 300 lbs is very light for a freight truck, they incur nearly the same freight costs as 1000 lbs.
  • Commerical delivery is lower in cost than residential delivery if you qualify (see D above).
  • Combining an order with a friend or neighbor to increase total weight and freight savings is allowed. You must ship to a single address if you do this. More than one delivery address is treated as two seperate shipments by the freight companies and is charged accordingly.