Survival Food Kits
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What is a survival food kit? A food kit is a complete freeze dried or dehydrated food package (sometimes both) designed to supply an individual - or many individuals - with a complete supply of food for a specified number of days, months, or even years.

Our survival food kits are the real deal - wholesome nutritious food like you would expect. We don't pad our kits with extra fillers, drinks or condiments and call them "servings" to inflate their numbers. They contain real food for real people in real emergency situations. Our kits are the real deal - not some skimpy low calorie "one serving per day" starvation packages. We expect you to eat - not starve!

For many who are just starting out with building their first food storage supply, a kit makes good sense as we've done all the hard work for you - simply pick one that fits your needs! We offer a huge variety of custom long term food storage kits that you will not find anywhere else, with more calories, more servings, and more variety!

Select from over 70 different survival food kits below:

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