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Healthy, nutritious and delicious survival food! 25 year food packs, 1 year food supplies, survival kits and meal plans, MRE's, dehydrated foods and freeze dried entrees.

selection with complete meals, grains, staples, fruit, vegetable, meat, prepared plans, emergency kits, vegetarian and vegan selections! Perfect for hikers, campers, backpackers, preppers and long term emergency food storage programs.

Magnifying GlassAccurate Information You Can Trust.

You'll always find ingredients, calories, and servings on our emergency food products with the largest information resources on food storage. Non-GMO food facts, Food Assets vs the Competition for critical food facts on size, calories, nutrition, selection and advertised claims.

ShieldValue For Tomorrow.

With a proven shelf life of 25 to 30 years, your survival food storage will INCREASE in value over time! Our emergency food is perfect for earthquakes, disasters and long term emergency preparations for individuals and large groups.

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What our customers are saying...

5 star rating

"I appreciate your help with our food storage planning. You offer the best prices and the best products for emergency food. We've tried several other companies and we were not satisifed. Several were unedible and all were unhealthy. Serving sizes were very tiny. You seem to be the only company that accurately represents your products. Thank you!"

5 star rating

"What a great company! I sincerely appreciate you patience and assistance with our emergency food program. We've been trying to build up our stockpile and you helped us avoid many of the common mistakes. Setting up our survival food wasn't as daunting as we thought. We'll be back for more."

5 star rating

"I'm also a long-time customer. I lost my food supply and you helped us rebuild it back up. Thank you for being there."

About us

Food Assets has been helping individuals, families and businesses with emergency food preparations for over 21 years (formerly Survival Acres). We are one of the most experienced and reputable companies in the storable food industry. We store and eat the food products we sell!

Our no hassle, ad free, zero propaganda policy is an industry exceptionNo fabricated FEMA letters or dishonest advertising found here! We believe that our customers deserve fair and honest values while providing the best storable foods available in America.

Experience has shown that in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies, the supermarkets shelves are emptied in just hours. It is prudent to prepare ahead of time with a long term food storage supply. Read more ...