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UPDATED 4/8/20

All orders are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis in the order in which they are received (oldest to newest first).

Shipping Times

Our shipping times are FAR more accurate then Rainy Day's claims of just 5 - 6 weeks. They are 10 weeks out, just like us.

Estimated Time to Fulfill NEWLY PLACED ORDERS
Product Lines - READ individual product
description to find applicable shipping times
Ships Free?
Rainy Day FoodsCans / Bags / BucketsFlat Rate *9 - 10 weeks
Rainy Day FoodsCans / Bags / BucketsFreight **9 - 10 weeks
Rainy Day FoodsFood Kits, Plans, UnitsFlat Rate *9 - 10 weeks
Food AssetsFood Kits, Plans, UnitsFlate Rate *9 - 10 weeks
Kelly KettleCook Stoves3 days
Mountain HouseKits / Pouches / CansN/A
Super SpectrimSupplements4 - 5 days
Van Drunen FarmsCansFlat Rate *9 - 10 weeks
Country Living ProductsGrinders & Parts4 weeks

Shipping Costs

Rainy Day / Van Drunen shipping rates (per 50 lbs). All other products still ship free.

Find the shipping zone using the graphic image below. Example, for Zone 5, each 50 lbs cost $17.99 in shipping.

The shopping cart will also perform this step automatically during checkout.

UPS Zone Map

Freight Shipping

*Advance freight quotes can no longer be provided. Freight quotes are now provided when the order is ready to ship.

How To Ship With Freight - Review our Freight Shipping Instructions.

1. Shipping Your Order

Shipping carrier - Orders ship via common carrier: UPS, FedEx, USPS (Food cannot ship USPS), and when qualified (and requested), via Freight.

Shipping Address - It is important that we are provided an accurate and valid shipping address. We cannot ship food to PO Boxes!

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands - Generally we do not accept orders from these location as shipping to these destinations is very expensive. We can, however, ship to an export company within the continental US where you can arrange to have your order shipped to you by barge carrier (Alaska for example). You can also email us about shipping your order to Alaska or Hawaii and we can provide you with a shipping quote.

Canada - We can only ship Canadian orders to a US town bordering Canada (you pick the place, such as a friend, UPS Store, Mailbox Etc.), see our FAQ page for detailed reasons why shipments directly into Canada are not allowed. Customers can pick up their shipments at the US destination address provided, customers are responsible for any compliance with Canadian law and GST.

International Orders - We do not ship to countries or residences outside of the continental United States (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) due to exorbitant shipping costs. We can, however, ship to an export company within the continental US where you can arrange with the export company to have your order shipped to you. Customers are responsible for compliance with any and all export restrictions / requirements.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

** Payment by Checks and money orders are suspended for the national emergency.
We can also accept payments by Check, Cashiers Check or US Money Order or USPS Money Order through the US Mail. We do not presently accept checks online.

Send order payments by mail to:

Food Assets
PO Box 481
Newport, WA 99156

We do not accept international payments of any kind due to high levels of fraud. All payments must come from a US bank.


Use any of the following options to place your order:

A) Shopping Cart Ordering - This is our preferred method of ordering (for order accuracy). You can use the credit card payment option, or the check payment option. A copy of the order is saved to your profile and a copy of your order is also sent to us.

- OR -

B) Email - We respond to all email questions promptly. Include the item number and quantity for each item. Also include the city, state and zip code of the shipping address so we can calculate any shipping charges associated with the order. Send the product list to our email - we will reply quickly.

C) All orders are processed immediately upon receipt. Usually, all orders are processed the same day they are received. If we receive an uncleared payment or declined credit card, or have a question about the order, you will be notified via email or telephone. Be sure to check your spam / junk folders for our email.


All customers are required to read and understand our Terms & Conditions when placing an order. We want you to be fully informed and comfortable with our policies.