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All Products & Brands
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  • Kelly Kettle
    The Kelly Kettle Cook Stove burns only twigs or small sticks for a fuel source. You can make hot water anywhere in minutes! The innovative chimney design makes hot water very fast. Lightweight and super easy to use, these are perfect cookstoves for emergency or outdoor use!
  • Mountain House
    Mountain House is the #1 brand of freeze dried food in the world! Lightweight, tasty and easily prepared food for any need or emergency. World reknown freeze dried foods used by explorers, backpackers, campers, outdoor enthusiest, emergency preparedness and disaster relief.
  • Survival Cave
    Survival Cave emergency food offers you an easy choice for instant family preparedness. Handy and portable emergency food buckets can be stacked and ready for any emergency. Survival Cave also offers 100% real USDA canned meat with a long shelf life!
  • Super Spectrim
    Enhance your nutrition and health with these great supplements from Super Spectrim in your diet! The most scientifically tested and endorsed vitaimins and minerals available.
  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day Foods is one of the largest canneries of dehydrated foods in America, with a huge selection of over 1000+ dehydrated foods, and freeze dried products sold under the Van Drunen Farms brand. Rainy Day offers the best selection and best prices, widely considered the #1 choice for hundreds of thousands of people all over America for over 60 years.
  • Survivor Industries
    Survivor Industries offers the Mainstay Food Rations and Survivor Kits for emergency preparedness use. Great for stashing in cars, boats, aircraft, R.V.'s, or any storage areas where temperature extremes would destroy typical food products.
  • Country Living
    Country Living builds the worlds best grain grinder! Used throughout the world, the Country Living grain mill will last a lifetime. Grain grinders can grind nuts, beans, wheat and grains. Complete selection and mill accessories.
  • Van Drunen Farms
    Van Drunen Farms freeze dried fruits and vegetables are economical and delicious! These are sold under the Rainy Day Foods label and have an excellent shelf life.
  • XMRE