Food Assets has been helping individuals and families prepare for an uncertain future amidst steadily increasing economic and environmental turmoil. With thousands and thousands of satisfied customers all over America, we live what we sell.

For over 20 years, our focus has been to help families get prepared. Our core philosophy is that storing food is more than just about preparing for the unknown, proper food storage represents a stable and secure asset for you and your family. Unlike precious metals, insurance, or other hard assets, you can actually use your food storage at any time. Whether there is an unfortunate job loss, economic downturn, extreme inflation, food crisis, hurricanes, storms, or other emergencies. During any of these local or regional events, supermarkets can be stripped bare of food in just a few hours. Why wait? Why risk the trip during panic buying? Prepare before the need arises with long term food storage.

We pride ourselves in having the one of the largest available selections of long term storable foods. We are the only storable food company preparing Americans for climate change. We have invested ourselves in creating the most comprehensive source of information available on emergency food preparations. We only sell food and food related products - nothing else. And we do it all without the fear, hype, propaganda or misleading dishonest claims and advertisements that are so prevelant in the food industry now.

We are in business because we believe that our customers deserve fair and honest treatment while providing the opportunity to purchase the best storable foods available. Furthermore, we have adopted a very rigorous approach when it comes to selecting new products and new companies. If it's not found on our website, there is a reason for it!

Food Assets food units

You can prepare yourself and your family by planning ahead for the unknowns of tomorrow. Eat healthy, shop smart, and save money on bulk storable food. These are the same food items you buy now in the grocery store, except they are packaged properly for long term storage. You're not buying expensive labels and fancy packaging or boxes full of empty air - you are buying wholesome, nutritious, and bulk quantities of food with a fantastic shelf life that will be ready whenever you need it.

Whether preparing for any emergency situation, survival, disaster, job loss, inflation, or simply saving on your monthly food budget, bulk storable food costs less and can save you money. 

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