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Quality Care Program - Our Responsibilities

1. Answer all of your questions in a timely matter. We can usually do this within a few hours and certainly within 1 day.

2. Answer all your emails. We do this without fail (we do not respond to solicitations and junk mail). If you do not receive an email from us, something has gone wrong with the mail delivery, or we have the wrong email address. We answer all emails.

3. We work as fast as we can to fill your order. Please keep this in mind. With as many orders as we receive, we can experience shipping delays due to high cannery volume. These are published weekly on our shipping times page. Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

4. If something is missing, we may ship the rest of your order out in advance. This is so you aren’t waiting on one or two items. These will ship as soon as we have these items back in stock.

5. We will send you tracking numbers via email for all of your shipments. Please ensure we have an accurate email address to contact you.

6. Damaged items are replaced at no charge to you. You must notify us within 10 days of any damaged or missing items.

Quality Care Program - Your Responsibilities

1. Please, no rush orders. Don’t wait until the last minute to order. There are thousands of customers ordering all the time and we can’t rush your order to the “head of the line” without pushing everyone else farther back. Please be sure you are aware of our current shipping times, we keep this information as current as we can.

2. No special instructions please. This creates too many problems with your order with the canneries. If you are not available to receive your shipment at a certain time, simply place your order later or earlier so it will arrive when you are available. We've tried very hard to accommodate special instructions in the past and due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot do this anymore.

3. We need accurate information. Your shipping address must be correct, including any apartment numbers. Ensure your billing information including the billing address is correct. We are charged higher credit card frees for any mistakes. Bogus or incorrect email addresses only ensure that you do NOT get tracking numbers. We do not give your email address to anybody for any reason and only use this only to contact you regarding your order. Please view our privacy statement regarding your personal information.

4. Ensure that you will be available to receive your shipment. Please do not try to order around your vacation, pending move, or relocation and any other absences. The cannery volume is normally quite high and we are going as fast as we can.

5. Ensure your order is complete before submitting. Order adjustments can be made prior to shipping, but this does have an impact upon our work load, timeliness of shipping and available inventory levels. You are responsible for the accuracy of the order you place, including any omissions or additional items you "accidentally" placed on your order.

6. Inspect your order upon receipt. You have 10 days to notify us of any damaged or missing items. If the shipping carrier has damaged your shipment, please notify the carrier (delivery person) at the time you receive the order. If you discover this later (within the 10 day period), notify us. Please do not file a damage claim from your end, this is something we need to do. A duplicate claim by you and us causes all types of problems for the carrier, let us handle the claim. We will notify you of the results.

7. Do not call our suppliers regarding your order, they will simply refer you to us. If you have questions about your order, please refer all questions to us for handling.

8. No product returns. All sales are final. The canneries will not accept returned items or shipments. Refused shipments are charged to the customer for shipping costs both ways.

9. Orders sent through our shopping cart are billed to your card at the time you place the order. We do not even see your credit card number, this is never passed to us. Orders placed over the phone are also billed to your credit card at the time you place your order.