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We've gathered some relevant facts and evidence regarding climate change and what this means for our future. Food Assets has partnered with the LIFE program (Strategic Initiative for Reduced Human Survival) and the critical need to prepare for climate collapse.

What We Know About Climate Change: Professor Kerry Emanuel - The basic causes of climate change (orbital and chemical), the history of understanding climate change, likely temperature scenarios, the effect of clouds and other uncertainties.
Climate Change as a Perfect Storm: Prof Alden Griffith - video showing human caused, projections
Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback
Why People Don't Believe In Climate Science
No Carbon Budget
Future Sea Level Rise
Recent Ocean Warming has been underestimated
LINKS (articles)
Bill Nye on climate deniers: Academics For Hire Exposed - Academics-for-hire agree not to disclose fossil fuel funding
NASA 97% Scientific Consensus Warming Is Human Caused - Multiple sources cited.
The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher
Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming
NASA study sheds new insights into global warming trends - no hiatus, missing heat into oceans, still warming up
Factcheck: Mail on Sunday’s ‘astonishing evidence’ about global temperature rise - Setting the real record straight on NOAA's 'data adjustments'
New analysis shows Lamar Smith’s accusations on climate data are wrong
Snopes: Did NOAA Scientists Manipulate Climate Change Data? - Nope, just more b.s. from the connedspiracy crowd.
Did the Daily Mail Accurately Report Climate Data Manipulation? - Horribly poor journalism tries to deceive illiterate readers.
Dr. Bates Interoffice Spat Backfires - The real story on Dr. Bates and his "bad blood" retaliation against NOAA.
300 Scientists Tell Trump to Leave UN Climate Agreement - Almost none were climate scientists, expose on the "300" fraud.
REPORTS (science, research, analysis)
Daily CO2 - Daily C02 readings
Arctic Temperatures Daily Mean Temperatures - Current analysis and conditions in the Arctic
Skeptical Science, victim, method, motive, and the “smoking gun” that places CO2 at the scene of the crime
Human domination of the biosphere: Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind (alternate link)
Co2 levels in the past, current rate of increase, and likely future temperatures
Quantifying global soil carbon losses in response to warming Soils emitting massive levels of carbon into the atmosphere
Abrupt Climate Change: there’s strength in the science - Rapid climate change, escalating warming
Can We Turn Back the Deserts In an Age of Climate Change?
MIT Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change - 7 Focus Areas
More Carbon Negatively Affects Food Nutrition & Crop Yields
8 Things You Didn't Know About Climate Change
Implications for US National Security of Anticipated Climate Change - Office of the Director of National Security
Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States - NOAA Technical Report, January 2017
Canadian Glaciers Major Contributer to Sea Leve Rise
Ocean oxygen levels drop 2% in 50 years, Nature study finds
ARGUMENTS (links to relevant commentary and arguments on climate change)
A volcanic eruption in 1815 proved even small changes in climate have disastrous global result - Result was massive crop failures, food shortages and famine, 50% increase in mortality.
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion
Global geoengineering rulebook could be ready by 2020s
- Minimum of 3C is still expected, geoengineering may be the only hope left.