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Climate Change Means Food Shortages

  • Storable food prices have risen 100% (doubled in cost) since 2006. Escalating crop failures and disease vectors are impacting food production worldwide. Increased competition for dwindling food supplies continues to escalate globally. This means higher and higher prices will always occur with less and less availability.
  • Climate change is impacting global food supplies and the ability to produce food. Drying soils are producing lesser yields, especially with grain crops.
  • Extreme weather events are continuing to escalate worldwide at just 1C of warming. At least 4.5C of warming are already "built in" to the near future (2100). Latest scientific assessments indicate future temperatures may be higher then this.
  • It takes up to 40 years for the world to experience the total warming effects from emissions. This is called "lag time". We are currently experiencing warming from 1970's emissions. Since then, emissions have increased dramatically.
  • Temperatures of 6C or higher are projected by 2100 or sooner (some estimates are before 2050). The increased heat stress will virtually kill most plants and crops. Wet-bulb temperatures will exceed respiration rates of plants. This means no food production, anywhere. This is not a joke - this is deadly serious.
  • Atmospheric moisture has risen 7%, causing more severe storms, flooding and extreme weather events.
  • Droughts, floods, fires and extreme storms threaten the global food supply. Billions are already "food insecure" throughout the world and this will only worsen dramatically.
  • The just-in-time national delivery system is not prepared nor even preparing for food shortages of any kind. Nationally, only 3 days of food are stocked on the shelves.
  • The world's oceans are collapsing from pollution, over-fishing and acidification. Over 2 billion people depend on the oceans for food. Over 90% of fish eaten are now in a total state of collapse.
  • "Dead Zones" in the world's oceans are increasing. There are now over 400 (2008). Estimates are this has increased by at least 100% since.
  • Huge methane releases are now being detected in the Arctic (2013 / 2014). Methane is 20 to 70 times more powerful then C02. A gigantic methane "veil" now extends from the Arctic to Mexico.
  • Even the jet stream has now been shown to have crossed the equator, causing a huge disruption in climate patterns.
  • Giant methane release holes are now being detected in Siberia. Many have grown in size significantly.
  • Gigantic ice shelves are collapsing in Greenland and Antarctica. Both continents are expected to melt. Sea level rise will indunuate virtually ALL coastal cities, with a sea level rise of 23 - 70 feet. Some estimates are even higher.
  • Food is produced by oil (planting, fertilizers, harvesting, processing, shipping). Oil production IS food. It takes 10 calories of oil energy to produce 1 calorie of food.
  • America is still not energy independent, importing massive amounts of oil from foreign countries.
  • Fresh water resources are also declining. Resource wars for water are escalating. Major agriculture regions of the U.S. are running out of water including the Mid-West and California (extreme drought). Declining and depleted acquifers are a gigantic and growing crisis.
  • Fracking is destroying many fresh water supplies by the injection of hundreds of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals and polluted wastewater.
  • Fracking has also been shown to cause tens of thousands of earthquakes, releasing tectonic stresses and increasing others.
  • Species extinction is occuring at 10,000 times the natural rate and accelerating.
  • Mass die-off of the global human population has already begun and is expected to worsen dramatically. Regions short of food, water and experiencing extreme heat stress and weather events are the most vulnerable.
  • There are already 60 million climate refugees (2016). This number is expected to rise into the billions.
  • A gigantic demand (billions) for food storage will occur, precisely because of the growing knowledge that the world is increasingly food insecure. This will absolutely overwhelm every supplier in the country.
  • Wait times during the Y2K scare were a whopping 18 months (in 1998) simply due to extreme demand and panic buying. As the food situation / climate worsens, this will occur again, but will be much worse (you won't be able to buy food storage anywhere, we've seen this before).
  • During the buildup to Y2K, we stopped accepting orders - for a year and half because demand was so great (so did many others). Y2K was just a "scare" and nothing happened. But climate collapse is real, it is global and it IS happening in America. Demand for food will exponentially greater.
  • Preparations for food shortages must be done in advance! It's too late to store food when it is not available or so expensive you can't possibly afford it.
  • The decades long shelf life for many storable food provides "future insurance" - at today's prices - and against shortages. It will make the difference between hunger and being safe.
  • By 2050, according to new research in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, opportunistic viruses, bacteria, fungi, blights, mildews, rusts, beetles, nematodes, flies, mites, spiders and caterpillars that farmers call pests will have saturated the world. This will have a dramatic impact on food production and harvests.
  • Escalating disease vectors accompany rising temperatures. This means an increase in pathogens, viruses and bacteria. We've already seen a huge jump in dengue fever, West Nile virus, Ebola and other diseases.
  • Read the words of the scientists themselves and why they are FRIGHTENED by what is unfolding.
  • None of this bodes well for food security in a world of nine billion people and the global effects from escalating climate change.
  • Food Assets is the only storable food company in America preparing Americans for food shortages and climate collapse. That is because we have extensively documented and tracked all of these issues on our blog for twenty years and are intimately familiar with the causes, reasons and effects of climate change.
  • Climate change denial, disbelief and refusal to accept reality will not feed you. It is an indefensible position that we do not agree with at all.

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