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Tired Of Scams? Food Assets vs. The Competition

Updated 08/10/16

Below is our spot price comparisons. We also cover some of the various scams, snake oil and ripoffs that are occurring in the storable food industry. Unfortunately, there are many more that should be listed then this.

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This is yet another "faketriots for profit" scam site designed to promote fear, paranoia and disinformation. They've floated a fake FEMA letter for years in an attempt to drum up business (and still are). Posing as "patriots", this tactic reveals a faketriot attitude towards honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, they're in good company in the survival food industry.

The real man behind this was exposed here. This should be required reading for any who are interested in the food storage industry - the deceptions here are astounding.

"Baler buys kits from My Patriot Supply, a preserved food and seed company, and then sells them for about three times the original price."

The story about FEMA is totally false. This story was entirely fabricated by “Matt”. There is no "letter" - there never was!

"And indeed, Food4Patriots likely made it up. The 420 million meals claim isn’t sourced in the National Review email, but I tracked it back to a 2011 posting in something called the Off The Grid newsletter. Off The Grid’s piece, importantly, does not claim that FEMA ordered 420 million dehydrated meals. Instead, it reports that FEMA put in a Request for Proposal — a solicitation for bids from private companies, not a formal order — for a ten day supply of 14 million prepared meals. Assume that’s three meals a day, and the math leads you to 420 million meals.

There’s a slight problem: the request was never filled. Federal Business Office archives show that the original request for the amount Off The Grid reported, designed to anticipate a disaster on the New Madrid Fault Line, was “cancelled in its entirety effective as of 4 pm Eastern Time on January 27, 2011.”

I've investigated this story and discovered that NONE of the canneries in the country were contacted by FEMA. This company is not a cannery - nor is their supplier MyPatriotSupply (whom also parrots the FEMA story too). The story is 100% fabricated. It’s been around about three years now and it is still being used by the scam artists in the food industry to try and generate sales.

Media Matters has exposed this company here (read down for the section on Food4Patriots). They too found their claims totally bogus.

It’s a standing joke in the food industry when we come across people like this. These guys are creeps, through and through, and will do anything to liberate people from their money. They're "faketriots" whose only motivation is profits by any means.

  • We tested their food and did not like it. We've also heard from their former customers who have complained of the same thing.
  • This company has purchased multiple domains and "review" sites, yet no negative reviews of any kind are allowed (we know, we tried and so have others). This means that either the reviews are fake or dishonest or that unhappy customers are swept away.
  • These other domains are all selling the same poor quality food, each usually claiming their "patriot" status.
  • They also claim non-GMO on some of their other websites but provide no documentation or evidence.
  • Sodium levels are very high, a single serving can be 50% or more of the daily allowance.
  • Selections are very poor, weighing quite heavily with just soup and stew. Entrees and real meals are very few.
  • Larger packages simply repeat their limited selections of soups and stews and limited entrees (just 3 in a 6 month supply!) making them very repetitive and boring. We would not want to try and survive on this for even on week ourselves, let alone a month or more.
  • Shelf life of their food is questionable due to poor packaging. Pouch materials are of far lower quality then competitors and poor sealing.
  • You can't even find out any information about their products on their main website, they'll shove their fake FEMA letter at you instead or a video.
  • Some of their other websites (they're markting under multiple names) avoid the fake FEMA letter.
  • This company (and all of it's affiliates and other marketing names / websites) is still relatively new. They have not actually tested any of their food for the claimed 25 year shelf life whereas more established reputable companies like Mountain House actually have.
  • We won't carry these products due to the dishonesty, misrepresentations and poor selection / shelf life issues we've found.

MyPatriotSupply vs. Food Assets

We examined their 1 Year Food Suppy for 1 Person, this is what we found:

Product Total ServingsCalories Per ServingTotal
Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat12818023040
Settler's Whey Milk1927013440
Country Cottage Mac & Cheese6432020480
Maple Grove Oatmeal22424053760
Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup6425016000
Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup9627025920
Traditional Fettuccini Alfredo8030024000
Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Cheesy Rice9649047040
Chocolate Pudding12022026400
Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup8019015200
Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes12820025600
Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup8019015200
Travelers Stew9619018240
Instant White Rice8017013600
Creamy Beef Stroganoff6431019840
Independance Hall Chicken Noodle Soup321906080
Orange Energy Drink Mix12818023040
Uncle Frank's Italian Lasagna322307360
Summer's Best Corn Chowder321805760
Total Calories for 1 year -->400,000
Total Calories per Day -->1,095

  • We consistently found poor quality units, tiny sizes and hugely inflated claims on how long the food would last. Virtually all of their packages are like this.
  • At only 1,095 calories PER DAY, it's nearly 2.2 times smaller than it needs to be. At a price of $1797 for a tiny unit, you would need a minimum of 2 of these units to meet the barely adequate nutritional requirements for the advertised 1 year ($3594 for a truthful 1 year supply).
  • All units are extremely low in calories, high in sodium and exorbitantly expensive if purchased for the actual number of calories needed for health or survival at advertised times.
  • Units are very soup and pasta heavy with very poor variety. Why? Because soups and pastas consist largely of ingredient "fillers" that are inexpensive to produce. A terrible food selection offering very low nutrition.
  • They count drinks as "servings" to inflate unit sizes. This is a practice you will often see in the storable food industry, but it's dishonest.
  • The "No MSG / No GMO" claim is false. Read the ingredients: corn, soy and hydrolyzed proteins, etc. for a just a few examples. Repeated requests for Non-GMO documentation have gone unanswered. This is also another industry-wide deception we've found.
  • MyPatriotSupply is one of the worst offenders out there for propagating and fabricating false claims, among them are the fake "FEMA letters" and more. Another "faketriot" site is Food4Patriots, which has been exposed here.
  • This company is still claiming that the "FEMA Letter" story is real. The truth is it was fabricated! Read about it here.
  • We do not consider this company a real food storage company due to poor selection, shelf life issues and misleading advertising.

Wesson Research

"Wesson Research" is another affiliate marketing website (owned by Legacy Foods / Prepare Wise) thinly-disguised as a “research” site pretending to be fair and unbiased. It’s not a research facility. There is no lab testing of any kind, samples were simply obtained from their own sales affiliates (i.e. their own marketing channels generating them money).

We found multiple claims that are intentionally inaccurate to garner trust and an eventual purchase from one of their affiliates sales channels - preferably their own (Prepare Wise, among many other outlets). Their "buy now" links contain tracking information for Wesson Research proving this. Further research reveals a hidden domain name owner, but their address (1) reveals they are owned by Legacy Foods as told by RipOff Reports (2).

“Our rating system is based on the features that 95% of food storage consumers say they are the most concerned with: Price, Quality, and Taste.”

This isn't true. There is no "rating system". While price is a factor, it’s not the first consideration. Reliability, reputation, longevity, variety, actual calories and nutrition are much more important.

They go on to contradict themselves further on:

“To get the best value, shop like you would at a grocery store by comparing cost per weight rather than cost per serving.”

Also untrue. This sort of claim is a red herring, a seemingly meaningful argument that isn't relevant. We don’t use a cost per serving ourselves as this is meaningless metric, but neither do we promote a cost per weight either which is also meaningless.

The fact is, every food item has a different weight density, nutrition, serving size and cost. Dehydrated food weighs more then freeze dried food for example. The density and weight of each food type also differs widely. A cup of powdered milk will have vastly different density than a cup of rotini noodles, as an example. This will dramatically change the actual serving size you need for nutrition too.

How much food you prepare (or have available) dictates the calories and nutrition you actually receive. Food blended with other foods (entrees, soup mixes, etc.) also dramatically change this equation.

Ultimately, what truly "matters most" is are you getting enough calories? And what about nutrition? Do you want to subsist on something like wheat all day long which has a high weight / density, or fillers like rice and drink mixes which are high weight and density but nutritionally deficient? These foods meet the "weight" claims above by being heavy and cheap, but they're a lousy choice for your only food source. Their claim of "value" by this method is not only inaccurate but will lead to a wrong purchasing decision. Nobody buys food on a cost per weight like this, it's nonsensical.

“To determine the best value we strongly suggest you purchase a package based on overall cost per pound and not on the number of servings provided.”

This is a ploy to get you to ignore the servings and makes absolutely no sense at all. The “cost per pound” valuation is ridiculous and nobody should ever consider purchasing their food in this manner. Nutrition is why people eat food, and how many calories you consume is the real cost. The actual number of calories and their nutritional value is what matters the most. There is also variety, which is very important and why we offer a larger variety of foods in our food units. Variety also give you better nutrition and less food fatigue - which is a very real consideration should you eat any of these storable food products for long periods of time.

“Companies are limited in what they can show you on their websites because there isn’t enough space to provide all the information you need to make an educated decision.”

This statement is total hogwash. While it is a common practice for food storage companies to refuse to publish all the information you may need or want, it’s certainly easy enough to do. Detailed information pages, FDA approved nutritional pages, calorie computations and serving sizes are all standard on quality websites. Those that don't are either lazy, dishonest or hiding something (like their non-GMO proof).

Ultimately, what we found here was another dishonest, misrepresentive website that pretends to research food storage companies but is in reality a sales promotion site for Legacy Foods (and owned by them). What we found was they only evaluated their own affiliates, promoted their own products, and made numerous inaccurate and false misrepresentations.

Wise Foods vs. Food Assets

Wise Foods Comparison Their PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
Wise Food 360 Serving Unit$719$399$320!
Wise Food 720 Serving Unit$1479$779$700!
Wise Food 1080 Serving Unit$2249$1049$1200!
Wise Food 1440 Serving Unit$2799$1399$1400!
Wise Food 2160 Serving Unit$4199$2099$2100!
Wise Food 2880 Serving Unit$4999$2599$2400!
Wise Food 4320 Serving Unit$6999$3799$3200!

  • We've been repeatedly asked to carry the Wise Food line and have refused to do so because of the low quality, short shelf life, and deceptive advertising. Simply review for hundreds of negative reviews.
  • These units are incredibly small and will not last anywhere near the time specified - with daily calories as low as 600 - 700 per person, per day. Consuming this food over the advertised time will quickly lead to poor nutrition, sickness and even death if you had nothing else to eat. Keep this in mind when examining any of their units! Simply put, Wise Foods makes an excellent choice for a rather expensive starvation diet. There is nothing "wise" about this product line.
  • We do not consider this company a real food storage company due to poor packaging, small sizes, shelf life issues and misleading advertising.

Very Important - Mountain House has issued a press release regarding independent lab tested high oxygen content in Wise Foods. Wise Foods has oxygen levels 110 times higher then Mountain House. This is a huge and critical food storage issue. Please read the entire press release here (pdf file).

The following statements are from Columbia Food Laboratories, who conducted third party testing on Wise Foods and Mountain House products:

"Oxygen Levels in Wise Company Products were 110 Times Higher Than Mountain House. Mountain House commissioned Columbia Food Laboratories to test 30 samples of dehydrated and freeze dried meals from Wise Company as well as 30 samples of comparable Mountain House freeze dried meals. The results were staggering. Average oxygen levels in Wise Company products were 18.25%, nearly the 21% level found in the atmosphere and 110 times higher than the average 0.16% oxygen found in Mountain House products. The most alarming part is that Wise Company products were manufactured in April of 2012 and already exhibit near-atmospheric levels of oxygen, which would not provide a 25-year shelf life."

Mountain House vs. Wise Foods oxygen content chart

Legacy Foods vs. Food Assets

Legacy Foods ComparisonTheir PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
120 Serving Entree Bucket$280$239*$41!
360 Serving Entree Bucket$720$399$321!
720 Serving Entree Bucket$1430$779$651!
2880 Serving Entree Bucket$5250$2599$2651
4320 Serving Entree Bucket$7640$3799$3841!

  • *We do not offer a 120 serving bucket - but our 180 serving bucket still cost's less and offers more food!
  • Must Read - Ripoff Reports reveals a gigantic scam involved behind Legacy Foods "100% non-GMO" certification claims. Buyer Beware!!!
  • Repeated requests for evidence of their "100% non-GMO" certification go largely unanswered, or provide only a handful of outdated documents from questionable sources (see below).
  • The "Food Quality Council" that was once often referenced on their site is entirely ficticious - and now appears to have "vanished" entirely.
  • It appears that they now claim "Wesson Research" (see section below) as their next attempt at "unbiased reviews" for the unwary, which we've discovered to be yet another Legacy owned marketing ploy.
  • Legacy emphasizes a "lowest cost per pound" claim (untrue). Our entire Rainy Day line is signicantly lower in price per pound, as is our Survival Cave line.
  • Their prices are extremely high. We took a look at many of their products and found exorbitantly high prices for little food.
  • Very high sodium levels are found on many selections.
  • Claims of "freeze dried meals" are inaccurate on their units. Many of the products are not freeze dried.
  • They've recently redesigned their product labeling, and are now using colors such as "Patriot Red", which is similar to that used by MyPatriotSupply. This is another marketing ploy to appeal to targeted demographic groups such as republican conservatives and 'preppers'.

E-Foods Direct vs. Food Assets


  • Many of the entree selections have very high sodium levels - some as much as 940mg per serving!
  • Very repetetive food selections. No calories are even listed for their food units, you have to compute these yourself.
  • Very low calories in their food units, insufficient for the specified time these packages are supposed to last.
  • Excessive "fillers" in the food units, example 960 servings of Rice.
  • High numbesr of drink mixes used to inflate serving sizes without adding real actual substance or calories.
  • It should be noted that green plastic storage 'totes' are NOT airtight.

Jim Baker Show vs. Food Assets

  • The dishonesty and misrepresentation found on this site was truly embarrasing for us to review no matter where we looked.
  • The Breakfast Offer @ $200 was a whopping $150 higher than ours for the same items, plus they require another $60 shipping charge.
  • The Breakfast Bulk Bucket @ $1000 was $224 higher than ours, with a whopping $200 shipping charge!
  • A bucket of Lentils was $100! (ours is $48). Item by item, we found ridiculously inflated prices.
  • Servings sizes on their food units are greatly inflated with drink mixes, salt, sugar, butter and condiments listed as"servings". The real food servings is substantially less then claimed.
  • There are numerous tactics being used to make sales, such as the "Stop Christian Genocide" (for just $990 + shipping!), "Time of Trouble Italiano Marinara Offer" ($9660 + shipping). $10,000 worth of spaghetti? We can't help but wonder what's going on here.
  • We don't consider this website ethical, accurate or even honest. Everywhere we looked we found embarrasing efforts to seperate money from wallets. This is not a food company in our opinion, but more opportunists playing on fear and ignorance (profiteers).
  • We've found numerous "reviews" online of this food, here are some actual quotes (the food is awful):

After tasting it myself, I'm going to have to say no thanks.

Lunchtime At NPR

Here at NPR, we tried the creamy potato soup, macaroni elbows and cheese powder and the chicken noodle soup. And of course we had to test the chocolate pudding for dessert.

Save for the pudding, the dishes were extremely salty and had odd, lingering aftertastes. We couldn't agree on which was worse — the thick potato soup that felt like eating wet cement, the strong chemical overtones in the chocolate pudding or the disturbing radioactive orange of the macaroni and cheese.

A Chef's Review

"It's awful. It's trash," Greg Lauro, a chef who lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y., tells The Salt.

In a November video for Sploid, Lauro cooks and taste-tests several dishes from Bakker's survivalist bucket: Italian marinara, the potato soup, black bean burgers, stroganoff and chocolate pudding.

They taste, he says, like, "paper-mache," "a bathroom at a bar at the end of the night in a college town," and, simply, "one of the worst things I've ever eaten in my life."

The food—which basically only requires the addition of hot water to cook—ends up being like beige slop and red vomit and liquid sludge. Lauro described the taste as “paper mache” and “a bathroom at a bar at the end of the night in a college town” and “one of the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my life” to describe the taste and smell of the food.

SafeCastle vs. Food Assets

SafeCastle ComparisonTheir PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
Hard White Wheat, 6 #10 cans$82.69$23.55$59.14!
White Flour SuperPail Bucket$100.00$28.10$71.90!
White Sugar, 6 #10 cans$93.45$68.34$25.12!

  • Item for item, they have substantially higher prices - plus you have to buy a membership from SafeCastle which should factor into your final cost.

Numanna & Natural News

This is a fairly new brand of food that is now being heavily promoted by Natural News, a website heavily devoted to marketing "essentials" and highly-spun "news" of the connedspiracy sort. Of all the sites we found that are promoting this brand, not one website will allow any dissenting commentary (facts) from any detractors to the fake news being spun out by Adams. This is very typical of connedspiracy websites that try to create a fake "consensus" and phony support for misleading, disengenious articles.

Fake News Watch lists Natural News as another one of the "Clickbait websites are sites that take bits of true stories but insinuate and make up other details to sow fear. Most of these are conspiratorial in nature and are very unreliable."

We've never found Mike Adams honest or truthful. There is a gigantic expose on Mike Adams found here. We definitely recommend you read this. In our minds, he's just another quack profiteer who constantly engages in marketing many different products through various means. It's not just food we have a problem with when it comes to this guy - it's his entire profiteering model and dishonesty and shady operations. His affiliates and associations with other quacks and profiteers is also worth investigating. It reveals who the man really is and how hard he tries to hide behind shell companies and propaganda about his credentials.

Adams alleges - "I decided to create my own line" of food. The deception and dishonesty builds from there, with fear tactics and propaganda.

Natural News is now selling the Numanna brand of food at significantly higher prices then others that carry this line, heavily promoting the food as the only organic, non-GMO food, which is false. Once again, we remind readers there is no such thing as non-GMO certification in America ("Non-GMO" status cannot be guaranteed).

Rainy Day Foods has been selling natural food for over 20 years and you can easily pick out no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no hidden MSG, no corn syrup, no chemical preservatives, no genetically modified soy, no “autolyzed” or “hydrolzyed” anything from nearly 1000 different products. The cost of these foods is substantially less too, with a far longer shelf life.

Examining the Numanna 162 serving food package offer reveals that this is only a 15 day food supply at best (30,300 total calories ÷ 2,000 daily required calories = 15.15 days), even worse this comes at the outrageous cost of $399! A little math is easy, it would cost $798 for a month of food for 1 person.

Our FA14 unit (14 days) is only $104 @1954 daily calories every day. Which is the better deal and still a healthy food supply? The answer is obvious.

Their larger "family" units, such as the 972 serving package represents only a 90 day food supply for the stratospherically high price of $2218.50! (181,800 total calories ÷ 2,000 daily required calories = 90.5 days).

If this package was shared with a family of 4 requiring a total of 8,000 calories per day, this is in reality only a 22 day unit. 5 "family" sized units would last only 110 days at a price of $11,092.50! There's no point in calculating anything higher as the numbers continue to escalate to the stratosphere.

Our FA90 unit (90 days) is only $482 @1685 calories per day.

We also find that the meal selection (shown below) is extremely limited and repetitious to the point of being totally unreal. It's hard to imagine that this would be desired by anyone except a goat. This might explain the short-duration period that this food would be used for.

All the packages, from the 62 serving package to the 972 package offer the exact same ingredients: Milk, Broccoli soup, Chili, Oatmeal, Pasta with sauce, Chia Seeds (seriously?), more Chili (habenero), Macaroni n/cheese, Pancakes and Quinoa. This isn’t any kind of a diet people would normally eat, especially not for 15 - 90 days.

We definitely agree with eating as healthy as you can - at a fair price. Food storage isn't just for an "emergency" as Adams propagandizes, it's for anytime, anywhere. Therefore, buy food you will actually eat and enjoy, not something that has been sold by fear and high-powered marketing. vs. Food Assets

We examined their 52 Week Basic Food Suppy for 4 people, this is what we found:

ProductServings per canCalories per canNumber of CansTotals
Fettuccine alfredo with chicken172301246920
Italian Style Wedding Soup242101260480
Teriyaki noodles with chicken123501250400
Macaroni and cheese with freeze-dried beef242101260480
Chicken noodle soup192001245600
Rotini with beef202001248000
Spaghetti with meat sauce102301227600
Beef stroganoff with noodles102601231200
Noodles and chicken122301233120
Chicken a la king112801236960
Chicken teriyaki with rice102201226400
Lasagna with meat sauce102401228800
Vegetable Stew102701232400
Creamy vegetable soup with sausage302201279200
Rice & Chicken102701232400
Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal183001264800
6-grain cereal251701251000
Scrambled eggs with sausage162251243200
Buttermilk Pancakes212401260480
Chocolate protein shake252001260000
Scrambled eggs with bacon161901236480
Dehydrated Sweet Garden Peas401201257600
Freeze-dried garden green peas23801222080
Freeze-dried sweet corn21761219152
Diced carrots291201241760
Dehydrated Tomato Powder381301259280
Apple drink mix9310012111600
Potato Shreds211101227720
White milk substitute561401294080
Chocolate milk801201096000
Servings per can x calories per can x number of cans = total calories.Total Yearly Calories -->1,485,192

  • 1,485,192 calories sounds like a lot. But is it? Considering that this unit is supposed to feed a family of 4 for 1 year, this really means that each person is only getting 1,017 calories per day (less than 1/2 of your nutritional requirements!)
  • If you really are going to provide "3 meals per day" as this unit suggests, you will be eating a measly 339 calories per meal.
  • Here again, we have another "starvation package" at extremely ridiculous prices.
  • You would need at least 2 of these units to truly feed a family of four: $8,399.99 x 2 units = $16,799.98!
  • Could we beat this price? Yes, by a gigantic margin with more food and the REAL calories needed for 4 people for 1 year.


This company offers a "40 Days Organic Emergency Survival Food" which they billet as "The only certified organic and non-GMO survival food on the market".


  • This is a very expensive unit ($289 - but they've discounted it from $499!) considering it is entirely made up of very basic staples: beans, rice, oats, pancake mix, etc. As an example, 5 lbs of oats can be had for as little as $4.00 in many stores.
  • Vacuum sealed bags will begin to leak after 1 or 2 years, and are also not oxygen impervious (neither are buckets) - therefore claims that this unit will last 10 -15 years are dubious at best. There is also no evidence that oxygen absorbers are being used in the packaging process.
  • While one could conceivably survive on beans and rice for 40 days, it would be a very bland and tiresome diet.
  • Requests for "non-GMO" certification have still gone unanswered despite having been requested months ago.

Buy Emergency Foods vs. Food Assets

Buy Emergency Foods ComparisonTheir PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
120 Serving Entree Bucket$308$239*$69!
360 Serving Entree Bucket$790$399$391!
720 Serving Entree Bucket$1575$779$796!
2880 Serving Entree Bucket$5775$2599$3176
4320 Serving Entree Bucket$8400$3799$4601!

We do not offer a 120 serving bucket - but our larger 180 serving bucket is still cheaper!

Buy Emergency Foods is another one of many Legacy foods outlets. As such, the same issues as can be found with Legacy Foods apply here as well, with the exception that they have above average prices for Legacy food products.

Shelf Reliance (Thrive Foods) vs. Food Assets

Shelf Reliance (Thrive) ComparisonTheir PriceOur Lower PriceOur Savings
Basic 1 Year Food Storage$2497$996$1501!
Supreme 1 Year Unit**$4775$3098$1677

* Sometimes found on display at Costco. Most Costco units should be considered seriously inadequate food choices due to small servings, low calories, and repetitive selections.

** Two of our FA4 1 Year Food Units offers 1,277,364 calories and 10,278 servings for over $1677 less and will comfortably feed up to 2 - 3 people for 1 year!

Independent industry sources report that Thrive food cans are hand packed and packing weights can be off as much as 15% of their declared volume.

Top Ten Reviews

We've just discovered another bogus "food storage review website", which is another scam likely being funded by the participants. "Top Ten Reviews" has a highly placed Google link to emergency preparedness. Allegedly, the site ranks and reviews food storage companies for the aim of providing a "fair" representation of the "best food storage companies." Some of these highly ranked companies are the very ones we've examined above with ridiculous prices, outrageous claims, and starvation units. That fact is all you really need to know, but there's more...

A closer examination reveals that this "review" is nothing more than paid advertising - picking and choosing what is reviewed to give the chosen favorite the best "rank." We call this "snake oil" because it's very clear to us that these participants were not actually honestly reveiwed for price, selection, quality, or sizes of their units despite the advertisement that they were. Heavy empahsis is placed on the "chosen favorite" which is 2 - 3 times our prices, for example. In other words, this is a pure advertisment scam under the illusion of a "review."

The Internet is chock-full of dishonest companies and even worse advertisers who have resorted to some very low tactics to promote and sell their products. Please do your own research before parting with your hard-earned money. It's very sad to see how many people are being taken advantage of.

Scammers and Snake-Oil Salesmen

We are often asked about other companies out there. There are a huge number of new companies in the food business these days, many of them 'fly-by-night' operations. Most have not been around very long, and we've simply never heard of them. Others make outrageous claims on their food units, selling you units that are terribly small as "one year food supplies". It seems that honesty is a fleeting thing these days. We've checked these out and have consistently found the following: misinformation on the number of servings, higher prices, and lower calories. These units do not meet their advertised claims of the time they will last -- you WILL eat this food far faster because you need sufficient calories to stay healthy, making these units overpriced, misadvertised and misleading at best.

Glen Beck has been promoting for months now, but we are substantially cheaper by 1/3 to 1/2 their costs with better quality food from actual reputable companies. We're not trying to "sell" -- we're interested in making sure you have what you need to survive and stay healthy.

Alex Jones gets in bed with whoever will support him and has been heavily promoting MyPatriotSupply, but we've found that these companies are ALL significantly higher and offer much less calories, servings, and quality.

It is actually quite shocking for us to review what others are claiming. ALL of them lie about non-GMO foods. We've yet to find a single one that has the proper documentation regarding GMO labeling and testing. This is being done to fool the buyer into thinking they're getting something that isn't actually there. Because there is no actual regulation of this sort of thing, these scams and others like it continue to proliferate.

We always say "do the math" to prove any claims being made. The above examples are shown to demonstrate that the math simply doesn't add up on price, calories, selection or length of time the food is advertised to last. We strongly encourage you to do this for yourself.

Oftentimes the math is "fudged" by making their suggested serving size extremely small so as to inflate the numbers in order to make the product appear more favorable. We have seen claims of 1/3 to 1/4 of a cup per serving - ask yourself, would your appetite be satisfied eating a meal based on a 1/3 cup (cooked) beans? In some cases, it is not even physically possible for the containers to hold the number of servings being advertised! More often, figures are inflated with tons of fillers such as drink mixes, puddings, beans and rice because these items are cheap, heavy, and create the illusion of more servings. Some are so bad that it is flat out embarrassing to think that thousands of well meaning customers are being literally ripped off.

What is going to happen when these customers actually go to use those units? They will quickly run out of food, but the need for daily healthy nutrition will still be there, and now in the midst of a emergency they will belatedly discover that they have been ripped-off! You need a decent amount of calories with proper nutrition to stay healthy -- and you need these facts right up front, before making a purchase.

      The age old rule still exists:
You get what you pay for.
      Another rule to remember:
Buyer Beware!
        It's simple economics, and if something looks too good to be true... probably is.