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Augason Farms Food Unit

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Food Assets has been helping individuals, families and businesses with emergency food preparations for 20+ years. We only carry the best emergency food products from the most experienced and reputable companies in the food storage industry.

Our no hassle, ad free, zero propaganda policy is an industry exception. No fabricated FEMA letters or dishonest advertising found here! We believe that our customers deserve fair and honest values while providing the best storable foods available in America.

In the event of natural disasters or other emergencies, the supermarkets shelves are emptied of food in just hours. Prepare your food storage supplies beforehand with a long term food storage program. Read more ...

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5 star rating

"Very pleased with our order and your customer service. Thank you for your help!"

G. Goodwin

5 star rating

"I'm also a long-time customer. I lost my food supply and you helped us rebuild it back up. Thank you for being there."

C. Cooper

5 star rating

"Wish we didn't need this stuff, but we probably do. The future isn't looking all that great. Our food supply is our insurance plan against whatever might happen. We like your products!"

T. Hahn