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Mountain House Emergency Food KitsWelcome to Food Assets - the #1 emergency food and preparedness store in America! Dehydrated and freeze dried food can provide real protection from food shortages, inflation, climate change, natural disasters and more. Food is a personal asset, ready when you need it - and can be used at any time, anywhere, by anyone in need. Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting and any other outdoor activity! The key element in individual and family preparedness is having a long-lasting emergency food storage supply ready at hand when you actually need it... read more here!

Are you tired of the propaganda, lies, deceptive advertisements and misleading claims from survival food companies? We are the only ad-free, no-propaganda, 100% food preparedness website on the Internet. No annoying popups, no false claims, no deceptive advertising, no bullshit. Food Assets offers the most complete information resource for investment food planning available anywhere!

Food Assets carries only the finest freeze dried and dehydrated long term storable food brands available anywhere!

Rainy Day Dehydrated Food

Rainy Day Foods dehydrated foods offer a great shelf life, low cost and a huge selection of survival foods. We offer dozens of custom Rainy Day food units too, from 14 days to 10 years!

Mountain House Ships Free!Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food.

Mountain House is the #1 brand of freeze dried survival food. Lightweight and easily prepared - just add water! The #1 expedition food in the world!

Survival Cave Ships Free!Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Units, Real Meat, Emergency Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life.

100% real canned meat and complete food units and plans with a 20+ year shelf life! Cost's 50% less than Wise Foods! Fast and easy preparation!

Alpine Aire Ships Free! Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Foods

Alpine Aire offers the largest selection of freeze dried food available. From delicious entrees to complete year plans for camping, backpacking or outdoor enjoyment.

Easymeal Products Ship Free!

Easymeal Logo
Easymeals' are the perfect solution for meeting corporate, state, or federal emergency food compliance programs.

Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit

Van Drunen Farms provides premium freeze dried fruits and vegetables in #10 cans at the lowest cost available! Best in price, quality and value!

Survivor Industries Products Ship Free!Survivor Industries Survival Kits and Mainstay Food Rations

Survivor Industries Mainstay food rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F. Ideal for storage in vehicles, aircraft, boats, and extreme conditions!

Kelly Kettle Cook Stoves Ships Free!Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

Kelly Kettle cook stoves can be used anywhere! These lightweight stoves are capable of boiling hot water with twigs or debris in just minutes!

Super Spectrim Ships Free!Super Spectrim Vitamins and Minerals

Super Spectrim - the most scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals, and supplements!

Country Living Ships Free!Country Living Grain Mill Grinders and AccessoriesMakers of the world reknown Country Living Grain Mill grinder. Made in the USA and built to last a lifetime!

We need your help!

As an individual who has been absolutely instrumental in helping Food Assets with their technical expertise and invaluable assistance, we are pledging to assist the former owner of Survival Acres in their battle with Cancer.

What does this mean?

We will be donating 100% of the profits (yes, you read that right) of EVERY sale made from today forward to assist in covering the cost of surgery and treatment until the full amount of his treatment is paid. In return, you will get something you can benefit from in a time of need (an emergency food supply), and our friend will get help with much needed funding for his medical procedures.

How else can you help?

Make a donation through the Survival Acres Medical Treatment Go Fund Me page. This fund has been set up by his wife, and provides the most direct support (100% of your donation goes to the fund) and also allows for anonymous donation too. Simply follow the link provided below! Down Arrow

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