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Food Storage Calorie Requirements
Estimates are based upon 2000 daily calories x total people x length of time
Individuals 1 Person 2 People 4 People
3 DaysMH1601MH1601 + MH1602MH1650
7 DaysMH1603 + MH1600FA14FA30
30 DaysFA30FA30 (x2)FA90 + RDUU080
90 DaysFA90FA90 (x2) + FA30FA4 + FA30
6 MonthsFA90 (x2) + FA30FA4FA4 (x2)
1 YearRDUU025FA9 + RDUU020FAGROUP (x2) + FA4
Notes: Any combination of kits, ala carte items or home food storage can be used to acheive a sufficient number of calories.
Kits are generally not designed to target 2000 daily calories as this figure does not accurately represent every situation.