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1 Year Deluxe Emergency Food Supply

Food security can be easily solved with our large 1 year emergency supply. An incredible array of variety, price, selection and nutrition!





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Food Assets Deluxe 1 Year Emergency Food Supply

Unit Details:

  • Dehydrated Food
  • 107 #10 Cans w/Lids
  • Requires 21.9 cubic feet of storage space

An incredible array of variety, price, selection and nutrition!

This food storage kit has a great variety of different foods including fruit, vegetables and staples, ready for any emergency situation. Also includes the excellent "New Cookin' with Home Storage" cookbook!

Compare our food kits for weight, size and calories against our competitors! Kits from Food Assets are bigger, with more food at a lower price! We offer real food for real people for real emergencies. Food preparations you can count on!

Food Kit Facts!

  • Our Food Kits are nearly TWICE the size of competitors!
  • More calories, more servings, guaranteed to last as long as advertised!
  • We offer REAL food for REAL emergencies!
  • Read Why We Do Not Recommend Survival Food Buckets!
  • Food stored in hard-sided cans offers the best shelf-life guarantee.
  • Wholesome food with a large variety offers great meal preparation!
  • "Food kits" in pouches have small servings and very low calories, and won't last anywhere near their advertised claims.
  • Pouch kits are VERY expensive (2 - 4 kits are required to meet actual real-life nutritional needs).
  • Compare the facts! Storable Food Scams!
  • We are the most experienced food storage company in the industry.

Substitutions / Deletion Allowed!

1Rainy Day New Cookin' with Home Storage Book2  
1Rainy Day Potato Slices 20 oz, (6) size 10 cans1412012240
1Rainy Day Potato Flakes 30 oz, (6) size 10 cans1224319440
3Rainy Day Green Beans 20 oz, size 10 can91205160
3Rainy Day Carrot Dices, 38 oz, size 10 can1215311016
3Rainy Day Cabbage 22 oz, size 10 can12933534
3Rainy Day Corn Super Sweet 40 oz, size 10 can1212029520
2Rainy Day Celery 18 oz, size 10 can42923212
1Rainy Day Chopped Onions 40 oz, size 10 can42844828
3Rainy Day Broccoli 20 oz, size 10 can91206240
3Rainy Day Spinach Flakes 12 oz, size 10 can31351620
2Rainy Day Vegetable Stew Blend 33 oz, size 10 can61346030
1Rainy Day Margarine Powder 44 oz, size 10 can41789434
1Rainy Day Cornmeal Yellow 72 oz, size 10 can6587308
3Rainy Day Quick Rolled Oats 40 oz, size 10 can1212613104
2Rainy Day Popcorn Yellow 96 oz, size 10 can1419219200
3Rainy Day Germade Cream of Wheat 73 oz, size 10 can1813822080
3Rainy Day Buttermilk Pancake Mix 63 oz, size 10 can158118954
2Rainy Day Hard Red Wheat 88 oz, (6) size 10 cans7830097800
3Rainy Day Elbow Macaroni 50 oz, size 10 can157515825
1Rainy Day Spaghetti 51 oz, (6) size 10 cans2515532705
2Rainy Day Tomato Powder 68 oz, size 10 can1227612420
3Rainy Day Egg Noodles 27 oz, size 10 can126013200
2Rainy Day Applesauce 46 oz, size 10 can8889416
2Rainy Day Apple Slices 17 oz, size 10 can6403080
2Rainy Day Banana Slices 36 oz, size 10 can67210584
3Rainy Day Small White Navy Beans 90 oz, size 10 can217225920
3Rainy Day Pinto Beans 84 oz, size 10 can217224984
2Rainy Day Lentils 88 oz, size 10 can1417860342
2Rainy Day Baby Lima Beans 88 oz, size 10 can165016900
2Rainy Day Split Green Peas 92 oz, size 10 can145819430
1Rainy Day Rice White long 88 oz, (6) size 10 cans3933052800
2Rainy Day Beef Flavored TVP 40 oz, size 10 can8808160
2Rainy Day Taco Flavored TVP 56 oz, size 10 can1011218480
2Rainy Day Chicken Flavored TVP 33 oz, size 10 can6666336
2Rainy Day Bacon Flavored TVP 36 oz, size 10 can83407140
1Rainy Day Strawberry Gelatin 96 oz, size 10 can712810240
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