Rainy Day Potato Granules

Rainy Day Potato Granules are a great alternative for making mashed potatoes - with a long term shelf life to boot!

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Instant potato granules make great mashed potatoes. Just add milk and butter to make a delicious side dish. An economical way to store mashed potatoes for long-term food storage.

Ingredients: Dried Idaho potato granules, vegetable mono and diglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate. Freshness preserved with sodium bisulfite and BHT.

Directions: (4 - 1/2 cup servings) Bring to a boil; 1 cup water and 1/4 tsp. salt. While using a wire whip at low speed, slowly add 1/2 cup potato granules. Mix at low speed until uniform about 30 seconds. At high speed, whip until light and fluffy, 1-4 minutes. If desired, margarine or butter can be added for richer, creamier texture. For thicker mashed potatoes, add more potato mix; for thinner potatoes, add more hot water.

Servings per Container:

#2.5 can: 24oz. (680g) 24servings

#10 can: 88oz. (2495g) 88 servings

#10 case: 528 servings

Bulk: 50lbs (22.7kg) 800 servings

6 Gallon Regular Bucket: 45 lbs (20.4kg) 720 servings

6 Gallon Super Pail Bucket: 45 lbs (20.4kg) 720 servings

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