Baking & Seasoning

Baking & Seasoning
A complete selection of long term storable baking food products for your food storage program. We can help you get started with your favorite kitchen creations today! We carry yeast, bread and muffin mixes, flour, salt, spices, sugar and honey!


  • Baking Ingredients
    Baking Ingredients have a myriad of uses and are essential additions for long term storage planning! Yeast, cornstarch, baking soda, shortening, ClearJel, baking powder, almonds, lecithin, gluten, and baking cocoa.
  • Bouillon
    Beef and Chicken Bouillon, seasoning and flavor for soups, stews and different recipes.
  • Bread & Muffin Mixes
    Bread & Muffin and Scone mixes. Mixes with easy preparation and fantastic taste! Our bread and muffin mixes are delicious! Make your own delicious and tasty bread, muffins, biscuits, tortillas, hamburger buns, rolls, scones or pizza crusts! We also offer lemon poppy seed muffins, banana muffins, corn muffins and buttermilk biscuits, along with some great bread making mixes!
  • Cornmeal
    Cornmeal mix, make your own corn bread! Delicious anytime!
  • Flour
    Flour is an absolute necessity for baking, cooking, and more. Indespensible and highly useful, add some to your food storage today! We carry all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, gluten free flour, pie and pizza flour, unbleached flour, bakers flour and gluten free flour. Essential food storage items for any preparedness program.
  • Salt & Spices
    Salt is an essential ingredient and a staple for many home food storage preparations! We also have many of the spices you will need! Iodized salt, real salt, cinnamon spices, pizza seasoning, chili powder, taco seasoning, garlic granules, ground cloves and pepper. These are essential seasoning agents for your food storage supplies, used in kitchens and meal preparations world-wide.
  • Sugar & Honey
    A complete selection of sweeteners. We have liquid and powdered honey, white sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, packaged for long term storage. Important and necessary staples for any food storage program!
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Showing 1 - 12 of 50 items